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Do you have queries on Zurich's economy and labor market? How much will you earn there? Find the answers in this article.

Zurich, the canton of Zurich's capital city, is known to be expatriates most favorite destination in Switzerland. It is conducive to expatriation for being the country's economic and financial center, as well as for its pleasant environment and lifestyle. Zurich also offers various professional opportunities in different fields. As it is, its labor market is very open to qualified and skilled foreign workers.

If you are planning to settle in Zurich, you will not have trouble finding a job. However, you are advised to inquire about existing regulations and jobs which are available there before moving.

 Good to know:

A knowledge of German can be quite advantageous as Zurich is in Switzerland's German-speaking regions. Nevertheless, some multinationals and banks may require a good command of English.


Zurich has a flourishing economy. It contributes on its own to 21,9% to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Zurich city, on the other hand, hosts many Swiss and international banks, as well as small, medium and big enterprises. Zurich is thus one of the world's strongest economies. In fact, Zurich's economy is based on various sectors, such as finance and insurance, industry, trade, biotechnology, sciences, energy and high technology.

Other sectors such as automotive, aerospace, creative industries, etc., have also experienced significant growth over the years.

 Good to know:

Zurich city hosts many important European firms such as UBS Switzerland groups, Bayer AG Switzerland, ABB Switzerland, Migros, among others.

You will also find a university, numerous private higher education institutions, a polytechnic school, several schools and colleges, as well as Swiss media groups there.

 Useful link:

Official website of the Canton of Zurich www.zuerich.ch

Find a job

Zurich's labor market is liberal, the most dynamic of all Europe. Major recruiters in Zurich are financial and banking sectors, industry, high technology, biotechnology, etc. Jobs are also available for foreigners in the education and airport fields.

You can start your search by checking out job offers in classified ads in local newspapers and on the internet. You can also register with a recruitment agency.


The average wage in Zurich is higher than the one prevailing in the Swiss confederation. You can expect an average salary of CHF 6,560 per month whereas it amounts to an average of CHF 6,210 in the rest of the country. Zurich however remains the city where the cost of living is the highest.

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