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Wondering how to obtain a land line, mobile phone or Internet in Scotland? Find out in this article.

Nowadays, telecommunications are almost and essential part of everyday life. So if you are moving to Scotland, you will have no trouble in keeping in touch with your dear one, or to surf the Internet, thanks to a developed communications networks. Indeed, several service providers offer a range of attractive packages from which you can choose according to your needs and budget.

Mobile phones

All Scottish cities and villages enjoy high quality coverage in terms of telecommunications. You can choose among different service providers, namely, Vodafone, O2, Talk Talk, EE (formerly Orange) and 3. You might also want to try virtual networks such as Virgin Mobile.

It is best to buy a sim card on the spot as international roaming can be quite expensive if you are planning to make a long stay in Scotland.

On the other hand, foreign nationals coming from a European Union country can use their usual mobile phone provided it has been unblocked.

If you wish to subscribe to a mobile line, you will find service providers' shops in most shopping malls. You can then choose between a monthly package involving a 24 months contract, or a prepaid package that you can recharge according to your needs.

Rates generally vary from one service provider to another and according to services you have chosen.

In all cases, documents to be produced are the following:

  • a document bearing your signature
  • your identity card or passport
  • proof of address (at your name).

 Good to know:

4G is also quite widespread in Scotland. However, make sure to compare prices before choosing the package which best suits your needs. In fact, 4G is often more expensive that basic services.

Land line

The United Kingdom's land line telephony market is shared by more than a hundred service providers. You might want to start by inquiring with British Telecom (BT) first. Find more information in the useful links provided below.

Whether you have to apply for a new land line or you wish to reactivate an existing land line in your accommodation, service providers can give you necessary information regarding procedures and fees applied. In case of relocation, you can also transfer your land line to your new home. However, make sure to inquire with your service provider beforehand as some of them may not provide this facility.

 Good to know:

Some service providers to not provide coverage throughout the UK. Make sure to inquire regarding the transfer of your land line beforehand. You can thus switch to another service provider if you want, although some of them charge high fees for this operation.

Some service providers offer special packages that will allow you to make international calls at attractive rates. Feel free to inquire and compare prices if you actually have to make international calls.


Note that Internet in not available in some remote rural areas. Make sure to inquire regarding coverage with your service provider before subscribing.

You can choose among several service providers in Scotland, namely Vodafone, 3, Plusnet, O2, Talk Talk, EE, Virgin, British Telecom, Sky.

As mentioned above, subscription conditions are likely to vary from one service provider to another. It is best to seek all relevant information with your favorite service provider.

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