filipinos leaving in elgin scotland

Hello, I am new to elgin scotland just dropping on this site if there are filipinos leaving in elgin or moray area.
I wanna meet new filipino friends here, their hang outs, meetings and etc.

Hi ethylsimpson,

I suggest you to visit the Filipino expatriates in Scotland Network, this might surely help. Thank you! :)



Expat-blog team.

Did you find anyone, Ethyl ... We are coming for 4+ months to Forres to our home there with our nanny who is a young Filipino.  It will be good to connect her with others, so she doesn't feel isolated !   Colin

Hi Colin,

I met filipinos here in Elgin when i went to st. Sylvester church (elgin) but quiet a few only. If she has time i'm glad to meet her 😃

Ok Great....we will be there (in forres) from May 1st for quite a while - I will connect you already, if you e-mail my work address on ***.  Shane is a very nice person, working here in Moscow for us, and also goes to church here each Sunday.  Colin

Hi Ethyl
My name is Katherine and I just moved into Morayshire. Wondering if you are still in this area? I partly grew up in the Philippines so would like to meet up with other people with Filipino origin.
Katherine Shaw

Hi Katherine,

Yes I am still leaving in Elgin. What part of moray are u? We can meet each other. I will give my number ***

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I have a friend coming from the phil for 6 months am hoping to link her up with any philipino community in glasgow..

If you know of any active members please let me know..


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