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Bucharest, the Romanian capital city, is a very developed and dynamic city which is rich in job opportunities for qualified and skilled foreigners.

Heading towards Bucharest? Here is some useful information on the Romanian capital city's economy and labor market.

If you are about to move to Romania, you are probably heading towards Bucharest which is not only the capital city but also the country's most dynamic and vibrant city. Indeed, Bucharest is very popular with expatriates, not only for the cultural openings it represents but also for the numerous opportunities that are available there. In fact, most job vacancies that are available in Romania are found in Bucharest. Therefore, you should not have trouble in being hired there. Nevertheless, it is best to have an idea of the city's labor market and features before proceeding.


Most of the country's economic and industrial activities are found in Bucharest. Hence, industry is its main economic pillar, followed by service, construction and real estate, trade and management, etc. Located in the region of Bucarest-Ilfov, the city hosts the following major international and multinational companies among many others, Carrefour, Metro, GDF Suez Energie Roumanie, British American Tobacco, Orange, Michelin, Auchan, Sanofi-Aventis, etc.

Labor market

There is a strong concentration of both the demand and supply of manpower and expertise in Bucharest. Indeed, unemployment rate in the capital city is relatively low, revolving around 2%, compared to 7% in the rest of the country. The rate seems to be decreasing since 2005. However, many local and foreign companies operating around Bucharest tend to recruit expatriates, especially in trade, management and real estate, due to the low educational level of registered unemployed locals.

In general, most jobs are provided in the following fields, quality service, security, trade, industrial helpers, catering, finance, etc. Given the strong presence of many international firms in the capital city, knowledge of English, French, or any other foreign language along with Romanian, will be a real asset. Indeed, language skills are highly valued by employers in Romania besides technical skills and academic qualifications.

Find a job

Most job seekers generally start their job search right from their home country on the Internet. Indeed, you can browse job offers on general and specialized websites, as well as on professional social networks and other job platforms. Note that you can still use an automatic translator when you come across job offers that are advertised in Romanian. If you are already on the spot, you can view job offers in classified ads in local newspapers.

On the other hand, take the time to inquire on the major companies operating across the city. Consider sending spontaneous job applications whenever you feel you have the right profile, especially when it comes to international and multinational companies. Feel free to request for a list of these companies from foreign Chambers of Commerce in Bucharest.

Finally, you can seek the assistance of the Departmental Employment Agency or of the National Employment Agency which not only provide advice and tips but also updates regarding the latest job vacancies.

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