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Porto is one of the expats’ most favorite Portuguese destinations. Its labor market is quite open. Hence, professional opportunities are available there.

Porto is above all world famous for its Vinho do Porto, the Porto wine. But it is also known to be one of Portugal's most dynamic cities, being the second most important one after Lisbon. The city has been attracting thousands of young professionals for a few years for the various opportunities it offers in different fields. In fact, Porto hosts not only a maritime port but also a developed industrial sector.

But before moving there, you are advised to inquire on its labor market's requirement and on sectors which are more likely to hire foreigners.

Labor market

To be able to work in Porto, you must obtain the required authorizations. In fact, non-European citizens have to apply for a residence and work permit to be authorized to work there. European Union and European Economic Zone nationals do not need a visa. However, they have to obtain the relevant permits if they intend to stay in Porto for more than a year. All required information can be obtained at the Portuguese Consulate or Embassy in your home country.

Note that Croatians wishing to work in Porto have to obtain a confirmation of their work permit. Some work restrictions also apply.

Nevertheless, Porto's economy is based on several sectors such as industry, cotton production, cannery and packing, tyre manufacturing, plating, etc. Foreigners having the required skills and experience are more likely to be hired in these fields, not to mention call centers, foreign language teaching and information and communication technology.

Find a job

You may have to be very patient during your job search. You may start by checking out classified ads in local newspapers and job offers on the internet. You may as well choose a few local and national firms to which you could send your resume and cover letter.

If you have friends and contacts there, word of mouth may also help.

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