Open a Company and need new ideas


I will move to Porto this year, I want to open a company for make trade or anything.
However, I dont know much Portugal.

I need some business ideas;

Which product can we sell in Portugal?
or Which product we can buy and sell to other countries?

Something this kind of business ideas, please contact me.

We can be a partner or we can find a common path together.  :one


Welcome to the site atlastar :)

Slightly confused, you don't know Portugal, you want to set up a company, but you don't know what to make or sell.

Why Portugal?

Are really ready to move if you have no understanding of the country?

Expert Team

No business idea, area of expertise and no knowledge of a country or its market needs is a terrible recipe for someone looking to start a business.  If you have a big bag of money that you're looking to throw away, please send it my way instead  :lol:

Hi SimcityAT,

I had been in Portugal 1 year for language school. 4 years ago.
And ever year, I'm visiting Lisbon, Porto. This year I decided to move there at least.

I have already my own company in my country. I make trade. I also made trade before Portugal about wine cork business.

I just need a new business ideas.

"I don't know much Portugal" mean I didn't stay much there as I couldn't understand their supply and demand. :)


The business running well here is to invest in the tourism.. (hotels, etc)

Hi there.  I'm in The Algarve, but I have a business interest in Germany.  Do you know anyone there?

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