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Luxembourg City, which is Luxembourg's capital city, provides various leisure activities for expatriates, namely theaters, sports, nightlife, etc.

Getting bored in Luxembourg City? Here is how to keep yourself busy during your leisure time.

Like most major European cities, Luxembourg City also provides a range of leisure activities for all ages. So if you are moving there, you are definitely not likely to get bored. In fact, Luxembourg's capital city holds a huge cultural and historical heritage which you can discover during your free time. You can enjoy religious and cultural festivals, visits markets, enjoy nightlife, and even practice sports.


In 1995 and in 2007 respectively, Luxembourg City earned the title of the European Cultural Capital City due to the density of its infrastructure, as well as numerous cultural events that are held there. Indeed, the city hosts many cultural, musical and arts institutions, including three theaters, several independent stages, seven museums and the International Philharmonic concert hall.

Programs offered by Luxembourg City's theaters are multilingual to the city's multiculturalism aspect. History, movies, photography, museums, cinema and library enthusiasts will also be delighted, especially with the quiet Cité-Bibliothèque. Music lovers, for their part, can visit the conservatory. Note that the prestigious conservatory is also open to foreigners. In fact, its students are from 70 different nationalities.

Good to know:

For those who are between 12 and 25 years old, Luxembourg City provides the Carnet Culture Jeunes which is a concept of exchanging a voucher book of a value of € 90 against free entry tickets and a cultural city map along with information on some of the capital city's cultural institutions.


Luxembourg City is very lively all year round due to several festivals and fairs. The Schueberfouer, for instance, is the country's biggest fair which lasts from late August to early September. In fact, this fair is a harmonious blend of traditions, local cuisine and other thrill attractions. On Easter Monday, you can visit the Eimaischen which is a craft market dedicated to pottery and ceramics. You will love it if you are fond of handicrafts.

Finally, Luxembourg city hosts a total of 24 fairs, one in each district. These fairs are held all year round. Yearly fairs are also held in most neighborhoods so as to entertain their inhabitants.


Nightlife lovers will not be disappointed as Luxembourg City also provides many leisure activities at night. Indeed, you are likely to find bars, coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and clubs, especially in Clausen, in the Upper Town, in the Old Town and around the Train Station. You will also find many restaurants offering foreign cuisines, namely Portuguese, Greek, Japanese, Italian, Argentine, Thai, Spanish, Chinese cuisines, etc.


The inhabitants of Luxembourg City, regardless of their age, are also very keen about sports. This is why the municipality's Sports Department has introduced “Sports for all” which is a concept aiming at promoting sports in the city. You can therefore choose among 160 sports and fitness courses which are offered on a weekly basis for the youth, adults and seniors citizens.

As regards sports facilities, you can access to walking, jogging, bike and fitness trails that have been set up across the city. You will also find many tennis courts, sports halls, gyms, rinks, swimming pools, skate parks, football fields and other sports grounds.

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