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Looking for job opportunities in Copenhagen? Find all that you need to know about the Danish capital city's economy and labor market in this article.

Located in the Hovestaden region, Copenhagen is not only a historically and culturally rich city but also a prosperous one in economic terms. If you are looking to settle and work there, finding a job should be quite easy. Indeed, several sectors are very open towards expertise.

Economy and finance

Copenhagen's economy is mainly driven by the tertiary sector. Indeed, the city is known to be Denmark's economic and financial hub, hosting more than 2,000 companies in the whole region. Copenhagen, on its own, hosts more than 2,000 companies, including 500 Scandinavian companies' head offices. The city also specialized in pharmaceutical products as shows the presence of several companies involved in the sector.

Labor market

Given that Copenhagen is part of the Capital city's administrative region, in Eastern Denmark, the city's labor market is quite different from that of the Hovestaden region. In fact, most job vacancies are available in the services sector. The manufacturing sector, for its part, is less promising, especially for expatriates.

Most career prospects in Copenhagen are provided by the following fields: trade, business services, public administration, information and communication technology, business and construction. Moreover, more and more companies in Copenhagen have been requiring foreign manpower since a few years, thus reducing unemployment rate in the country.

Find a job

Finding a job in Copenhagen can be quite easy, thanks to the presence of several foreign companies. Indeed, you are more likely to be hired if you have a high profile along with high language skills, especially if you are English-speaking. However, a good command of at least one Scandinavian language is highly recommended. In fact, the Danish government has set up a Danish language learning program intended for foreigners for better social and professional integration.

You can also check out classified ads in local newspapers and on specialized job websites. However, most job ads are likely to be advertised in Danish, with only a few random ones in English. In all cases, feel free to take part in events such as networking groups, forums and other open days.

Like in most Danish city, word of mouth can also help if you have friends or contacts on the spot.

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