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San Jose, the Costa Rican capital city, is rich in history, nature and culture. Find more information on leisure in this article.

Regardless of the purpose of your visit in Costa Rica, leisure will probably be part of your everyday life. Indeed, you can keep yourself busy during your free time, especially in San Jose, which holds a rich natural and cultural heritage. Being the Costa Rican capital city, it is also deemed to be the whole territory's largest city and Latin America's capital city. Moreover, San Jose is Costa Rica's economic and political center.


As San Jose is ideally situated in a mountain valley in the center of the country, you will probably be starting by exploring its natural resources. Indeed, the city's landscape is divided into mountains and valleys, surrounded by lush green forests which shelter many animal species. By living in San Jose, in particular, you will be experiencing the concept of “Pura Vida” which literally means “Real Life”.

History and culture

If you feel like learning more about the country's history, you can visit several museums such as the Museo Nacional de San José which hosts exhibitions that are dedicated to pre-Hispanic and colonial culture, as well as artifacts, history and culture dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries. At the Museo de Oro Precolombino, you will discover pre-Columbian artifacts, especially gold sculptures, jewelry, etc.

On the other hand, pre-Columbian figurines and jade jewelry are exhibited at the Museo de Jade. If you are an amateur of contemporary art, you will simply be delighted by the Museo de Arte Costarricense. Finally, the Museo de los Niños is ideal for children for its science exhibitions.


San Jose also hosts amusement parks such as the Pueblo Antiguo which is a replica of the country's history during the colonial era and the Central Park which is a very popular green space for families. The Parque Zoologico Simon Bolivar, for its part, is a real delight for animal lovers.

Urban entertainment

During your stay in San Jose, by the time you get used to its environment and lifestyle, you will probably want to stroll around its neighborhoods, enjoys its restaurants, cafes, walkways, etc. Shopaholics can visit numerous boutiques and shopping galleries, not to mention the Central Market. Finally, nightlife lovers may go clubbing after a tiring working week. Indeed, San Jose provides so many leisure activities which will convince you that you have made the right choice by moving there.

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