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Find in this article information on housing in Meknes, including how to find housing, differences between neighbourhoods, and prices.

The housing market in Meknes

Meknes is one of the quieter cities in Morocco, yet also has plenty of beautiful sites.  As one of Morocco’s imperial cities, it is the home of Moorish and Islamic architecture, which can clearly be seen in the old medina. It also has a high concentration of foreigners, which means there is a balance of historic sites and modern amenities.

Neighbourhoods in Meknes

The most popular neighbourhoods in Meknes are Bab Mansour and the Lalla Aouda Place. The Medina, near the Royal Palace and the Royal Golf of Meknes, is also very popular for its lush gardens, ramparts, and cultural sites. You will find different types of housing, including apartments and villas, as well as hotels where you can enjoy a short stay in the city.

Other neighbourhoods like Neejarine, Belle Vue, New Town, Piacenza, and Camilia have also been listed by expatriates as nice places to settle in.


Prices in Meknes vary according to the neighbourhoods and types of housing. Real estate prices are relatively cheaper than in other Moroccan cities. In fact, you can rent a two-bedroom apartment from 2,000 dirhams and a three-room apartment from 5,000 dirhams. If you wish to buy a two-bedroom apartment, you will need about 200,000 dirhams. To purchase a modern and equipped villa, you will need at least 2 million dirhams. Please note that there is little likelihood of finding a studio in the city.

Finding housing in Meknes

To find accommodation in Meknes, use housing websites or check the classifieds sections in local newspapers. Word-of-mouth is very useful if you have friends or relatives in the city.  You can also hire a real estate agent, although this will require that you pay a fee.

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