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Are you looking for accommodation in Meknes? In this article, find information and advice to help you find housing in the city.

If you are moving to Morocco, you will definitely want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful place, with a joyful and harmonious atmosphere. The city of Meknes can offer you the lifestyle you dream of. You will find a variety of housing options at affordable prices.

Meknes is primarily defined as a tourist and heritage city: this is one of the most ancient imperial cities in Morocco. Thousands of tourists visit it each year and many expats fall in love and settle down there. The population of this city, about 1 million inhabitants, knows a high concentration of foreigners coming mainly from Europe and neighboring countries.


The most popular neighborhoods in Meknes are Bab Mansour and the Lalla Aouda Place. The Medina, near the Royal Palace and the Royal Golf of Meknes, is also very popular for its lush gardens, ramparts and cultural sites. You will find different types of housing, including apartments and villas, as well as hotels where you can enjoy a short stay in the city.

Other neighborhoods like Neejarine, Belle Vue, New Town, Piacenza and Camilia have also been listed by tourists and expatriates as nice places to settle in.


Prices in Meknes vary according to the neighborhoods and types of housing. Real estate prices are relatively cheaper than in other Moroccan cities. In fact, you can rent a two-bedroom apartment as from 2,000 dirhams and a three-room apartment as from 5,000 dirhams. But you are less likely to find a studio in the city.

If you wish to buy a two-bedroom apartment, you will need about 200,000 dirhams. To purchase a modern and equipped villa, you will need at least 2 million dirhams.

Finding housing

To find accommodation in Meknes, surf the Internet or check the classifieds sections in local newspapers. Word-of-mouth could also be very useful if you have friends or relatives in this city. Otherwise, you can also hire a real estate agent.

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