Tips for accommodations in Budapest

Where would you suggest are nice and reasonable(in price)  places to live in Budapest?

Cost range for that particular place? - I actually have an idea of the general cost range, from the "Cost of Living" post.
Short-term(4 months) to Long-term(1 year)

Thank-you in advance for any assistance.

Sorry that you don't get any replies :(

It always has been a quiet corner, our Hungarian corner,...sigh.

Maybe you could PM some of the members in Budapest?

Not available any more

Here is a website listing furnished apartment rentals.  Top of the line, apparently.
Around 500 Euros per month rent. … tplace_pi1[showSingle]=2359

Several available.  From

Latest Marketplace Additions

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I ordered one copy of a book entitled, "Hungary, a quick guide to customs & etiquette".
I got two copies by mistake.  I will be happy to mail this little guide book (part of the Culture Smart series) to someone who could make good use of it-- perhaps someone who is moving there, or has just moved there.  I will mail it to you for free if you give me your mailing address.
You can see who I am at   
This is not a scam--- just a goodwill gesture :-)
Yours,  Ray in New Orleans

If noone that is just now moving here is interested (just in case) I would put my name on the list :)
I can even send you the money via Paypal.
But like I said, I'll wait and see if someone else wants to chime in first :)
You know, it's tough right now to get books here in the wild woods. Amazon doesn't ship Hungary no more :)
Cheers, Nicole

I have a copy of this book- is is excellent.  I would recommend it to anyone considering coming here.

I guess you find a flat by now :-) However if anyone is interested, I'm aware of two services, offering flat rental for foreigners, they sent me acceptable offers:

Buying English books in Hungary is possible again, because delivers to Hungary without postage fee!
I have tried it three times already, they are very good and usually quick.

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