Updating New Iqama number in Saudi Council of engineering

Follow the below procedure. Note that this service is limited to SCE members who left the country and returned with new border or Iqama number on an engineering or non-engineering profession visa.

1-    Log-in to your--> Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) account
2-    Scroll down your profile to “Electronic Services”
3-    Click the tab “Update to new Iqama Number or update to new Engineering Profession”. Click continue.
4-    Click “Add new Request Button” and select--> new Iqama ID Number or Border number. You (foreign expat) can apply to change your old iqama number to the new iqama number without applying for new registration.
5-    Pay SAR 100.00 thru SADAD ATM or via online banking system.
6-    You are done.


I have recently came back with a different employer and new work visa to Saudi Arabia.

Do I have to create a new membership in SCE (Saudi Council of Engg) or update the Border Number even though the employer is different??

Please let me know the correct procedure and share experience .

Thank you

@Harish007 please clarify, am in ur situation now., Please guide me with what you did..

@RedTrumpet I got membership via border number now I want to update it with my iqama number so i raised a request via amendment option and uploaded iqama. But where to pay 100 sar fees.


I am in the same situation. Can I know if you were able to change your iqama profession by updating your SCE?


I return to ksa last july 2023 with new visa and non engineering iqama profession.

Should I change my iqama profession first before updating my SCE account or the other way?

I left ksa 2020 with final exit visa, engineering iqama profession and SCE membership. Also, is there a waiting time before I can change my iqama profession?

Please advice me of what should I do first.

@sohailsap92 I am also in same situation, I've got SCE registered through border number now I requested on Iqama no.,how much time did it took for you to get the approval for the request and did you required to pay sar 100. As I am not changing my profession in SCE only changing border no to Iqama no.

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Are you done with you registration? How long did it take?

I recently came back to KSA on an engineering iqama and tried updating my old SEC profile.

I clicked on update to iqama number of border number option and added a request there.

I still have no clarity if I have to pay the SR100 or not

I do not see a Sadad bill number generated in my bills for the SR100

where did you get the sadad number? Does the request change from in-progress to some other mode when they issue the SR100 number or do I not need to pay at all?

also how long does the whole thing take?