Best Izmir Neighborhoods?

Which neighborhoods in İzmir are safe, affordable and within commuting distance to the business districts? For example Karşıyaka but which mahalle? Bostanlı and Mavişehir seem beautiful but too luxury and unaffordable. I'm thinking of Balçova, Konak, Karşıyaka and Çiğli. Narlıdere also seems since but a bit too far from the city centre. Please let me know what are affordable and safe mahalleler in these areas. Thank you!

@N.maria Are there unsafe locations in Izmir?

@Rabbani Shaik From my online research I've learned Çamdibi, Basmane, Kadifekale and Eşrefpaşa are not that great areas to live. But I can't find too much info online on the different mahalles so I really need input of someone who lives there.

I have heard Göztepe and Hatay are fairly safe and affordable.
Ohh ok.
Depends on your budget.
Basmane is kind of scary,Chicago's South Side.Alsancak is nice but expensive.Karsiyaka is real nice  as you said Mavisehir is the best place to live,but super ecpensive.I live by metro (subway) in Bornovo.It is affordable and public transportation to everywhere.City bus,subway and izban( light rail ) nearby ,it is a good start to begin but due to earthquke damage here Bayrakli and Bornovo both heavily hit,lost more than 100 apartments.Walking in Bornovo seems like walking war-torn Ukraine  keeping my passport,cash pants ready just in case earthquake hits I lived in San Francisco&Los Angeles so I don't mind that much.Cigli and Buca are quite safe and effordable.I remember taking city bus from Buca several times .Bus was full of hot girls if you are single,Izmir is your best bet.I found an Italian primary school in Alsancak and French High School for kids ,real nice suprise,If your kids don't speak Turkish.Buca is cheap but no train.You may buy used car around 100000 liras so that you can drive Cesme&Kusadasi  main reason to live in Izmir.Summertime city moves to Cesme only working people remain here.Bornovo is very student friendly and Yasar University is in English ,they have buses everywhere just 50 cents and a dime to transfer to trains and ferry less than a dollar you can reach anywhere,rather than buying car unlike Florida,Texas and California.If you are from NYC or ChiTown ,Izmir is quite enjoyable place to live ,Bornovo has freeways,too if you own a ride.A/C and Combi( gas heater for winter cold) is a must. Rent is getting cheaper towards to mountains but more expensive at seafront.Public transportation are city bus,shared minibus( drivers don't speak English but a college kid always onboard to translate for me ),light rail ,tramway,ferry(some even carry cars like one from Bostanli) we need one in San Francisco,too.,city bike rentals,electric scooters.
Izmir is a kind of cold in winter and gas and water heater needed at your apartment.There is fee for apartment buildings for elevator etc.Internet scammers are renting apartments be careful,don't waste your$$$ always see apartment yourself.Do not pay in  foreign currency,insist on paying Turkish Liras so your rent is getting cheaper every day.
@Baybars Zaimoglu

I have visited Turkey 3 times recently and have not experienced any instance of feeling unsafe.  So, when you say that Basmane is scary, could you elaborate what are you referring to?  Threats from robbery, gang activity, gun violence, drug activity?  This is very surprising and disconcerting to hear.  I plan on moving to Turkey within the next 2 to 3 years for a multitude of reasons one of which is safety concerns here in Minneapolis.  It is very dangerous to visit downtown Minneapolis after dusk.  There are reported gun violence incidents almost every night. 
Not quite dangerous like the States,they do not have guns& knives here,I never been twin cities but safer than The U.S. You would not  live in Basmane neighborhood,I'm planning to move Hatay& Goztepe neighborhood next year.Real Izmir-born residents live there.Istanbul has issues regarding safety not Izmir.Alsancak seafront for example protected like fortress by special forces.Wave U.S. passport no one dares to touch  you.Thanks to FBI .U.S. consulate area is even safer,may be safest place to go ,consider military coup attempt back in 2016.
Reminder Izmir is also heavy with Somalians but not have snow.Drugs are small issue here.Youth gangs don't bother much.You may consider living full time in Cesme ,you can cross Greek islands anytime even buy a property on Greek islands.
@Baybars Zaimoglu

Thanks for elaborating but as I mentioned, we never felt unsafe in Turkey.  Three years ago, my son, wife and I walked about 2 hours through the Asian side of Istanbul to Bostanci arriving at around 2am and never had any concerns for our safety.  As you know, here in the US, owning and carrying guns is almost like carrying a cell phone.  This fall, there was a big debate here about whether people should be allowed to carry arms into the Minnesota State Fair.   Carjackings are rampant as well as gun violence, drug use, homelessness; it wears on you.  Thanks for reinforcing our view on safety.

As a side note, we abhor heat and feel invigorated in the cold, for that reason we are leaning strongly toward Eskisehir.  I've heard Izmir is a great place to settle but we could not endure the summers.  Plus my mom lives in Kusadasi which is too close for my taste.

Thanks again for your response and best regards in your pursuits.

Eskisehir  is great place to live ,congrats on your choice.I used to live there.A lot cheaper than Istanbul&Izmir.Rents are so cheap.Light rail goes everywhere,as cold as Chicago but no wind and few snowy days just cold.Youngest population in Turkey.Great party town ,the safest large city in Turkey.Single college girls walk home after heavy drinking.Parks are amazing for kids.It reminds me little bit San Antonio,TX where I moved from.A few Yanks there though  lonely planet .Statues and Art everywhere,mayor did great job there.Not quite bullet train to Ankara but fast ,when you need to fly and renew passport.Three major universities and visitors keep city alive. is hard to decide between Eskisehir and Izmir for me,too.Long years I lived in Texas ,the most I miss my handguns.It is hard to get one here but no need at all.Eskisehir is also home to Bulgarian and Crimenean ,Afghan,Syrian immigrants even Belgians there,as a matter fact local airport only has one flight to Brussels .
@Baybars Zaimoglu

We visited Eskisehir last year to check it out as a target city and my family came away feeling very positive with our experience.  As you mentioned and research into the city shows that the mayor reinvigorated the city turning it into a modern, clean, efficient & very attractive city.  The city vibe is warm and open but  slower paced and not so hectic. And yeah, the Porsuk river in Eskisehir is a center of entertainment much like the riverwalk in San Antonio.  We also looked at Bursa and Samsun but took them off our list fairly quickly.  Bursa seemed too dense and hectic and Samsun is more wet than cold (ie humid) with a slightly more reserved population.  Another person posted that I should consider Canakkale or Balikesir.  I'll give those towns a whirl for next time.

Not to pass judgement on anyone but the Mrs. and I are not advocates of guns.  I've never owned any firearms or ever needed one.  Responsible owners are fine, but gosh, there are too many temperamental people in society without rational forethought on consequences.  Regardless, I'm glad to hear violence/crime is a rare occurrence in Turkey.     

Thanks for the information.  Very good conversation and may all your dreams come true.
Hello I am living in Mavisehir Karsiyaka. Super safe place for hanging out at night and walking back to home on my own. I have never been come accross to violence or crime issues thanks to God
Plus two world class shopping mall and fine dining . Bostanli marketplace and water front in mavisehir and light rail access I agree  . I   stay at Bornova College District ,it has metro option but unlike Chicago' s red line  not 24 hours though

@N.maria Izmir is the most difficult province to obtain residency in these days, so be prepared. If you are an African teacher, be prepared to be rejected if you list "teacher" as your occupation. The migration office is clamping down on teachers teaching English in Izmir. If you apply for a 12-month permit, expect to be given a 90-day extension and told that this is enough time to see Izmir and then leave. If you have a strong desire to live and work in Izmir, you will be granted the time you have requested. For instance, living in Cesme is slightly easier than living in Konak.