Looking to Buy cheap property in Turkey

Hi There,

i live on Dubai and looking to buy budget apartment in turkey, anything falling under 25000 EUR. further i have plans to shift to turkey with family too.

any advice that which is the most suitable part of turkey which can serve me with the need or any area with the safe investment. any suggestions....



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In Istanbul there are literally thousands of apartments in this price range. You should check www.sahibinden.com in order to get a better idea. Also you need to consider the area in Istanbul where you want to stay. Tourist areas especially on the European side are much more expensive than other areas, but also offer the best opportunity for foreigners to find work. Also consider schools for your children, because Istanbul is huge and it would be much more practical if you purchased property close to their prospective school.

Shaigh Mohammed!

Once the People in your mentalitity or LOW IQ (property, sale for 25.000$, then you "walk in" to this country..), that Will be a definite evidence that s/t is really wrong and even if you have a chance to do so, believe that you Will lose it pretty soon!

Have you heard about Atatürk?

We are his granddougters and sons!

Lead your silly perception to   s/w else.

The occation is temporary.. 


Correction: 250.000...


What has ataturk to do with his question? If you don't want to help; keep quiet ;)

Turkey is very happy with any immigrants I think who will not draw on social security and not take jobs from residents who can do the same job, bottom line question (for most countries (not only Turkey)) can you bring money and will you not be a burden. (This is life).

USD or EUR 25 K without promise of real benefits for Turkey (or Hungary where I am from) is too small. 

Can you spend at least EUR 1500 pm without burden, I think it is no issue (perhaps also below). However accept the world as it is. How do you intend to survive in Turkey (or for that matter in Dubai), are you a citixzen of UAE? (why leave)


you can not find good investment-worthy apartments in İstanbul for that price. but I would suggest Antalya, which is a very popular beach city in south of Turkey. i am sure you heard of it because it is pretty popular for its tourist population all year round. you can have a look for properties for sale in Antalya https://tranio.com/turkey/antalya/ here!
If you have any questions or queries about Izmir and Manisa I would like to help you***
Sinem Olmezer
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Thanks Cheryl to discard some posts, in my view should be more, but like this is already good.
As mentioned I lived in many countries and was (but still am) an active contributor to Hungary.
Please help the Turkey forum as good? Should be a forum who people are interested.

Wish would be to get the Turkey forum as good as the one of Hungary
This is not some 3rd world country...
Anything falls under that amount will not serve a "Family" needs.
Even though the budget houses aren't below your threshold. You have to pick up some pace or you won't find anything. Any questions you have i will gladly answer.
Cruel conclusion, bring money to buy (or rent but preferred) , but also support Turksh economy,
Small budget (very small) is not needed, Turkey is doing in its share in taking care of (in my view too often) economic migrants . (Having said that also taking care of REAL refugees (not oftn easy to distinguish )

People looking for a job fine, but in Turkey there are VERY fine people and honestly no need for people just looking for better life (apologies for being blunt). Western Europe has need for young well educated people, Turkey in my view does not.

If you bring money that is fine, but askng for cheap is making me suspicous from start.
Investment is needed, not clever people (Turkey has more than average already), if VERY VERY clever, please welcome, but then asking for cheap does not match.
I will hopefully reply in the same way in the future (as I did in eg Hungary)

you can find cheap property for sale in Turkey  vartur.com/property/for-sale/turkey/cheap

@Sheikh Muhammad Umair Naeem

Also you could consider Antalya and İzmir as an option. I can handle the processes related to real estate acquisition for you.