Am I too old to even think about moving?

Greetings Everyone,

I lived in the US from the last part of the 90's to 2004 on a L-1 visa with my loved ones. Tragically, I separated in 2004 and left the US several years after the fact. My ex and children remained on and have lived there from that point onward. My children who are currently 30 and 27 years of age continue to inquire as to whether I need to return there and live. I contemplated an E-2 visa yet my girl got US citizenship two or three weeks back and could go down the course of family sponsorship.

At 54 year old do you believe I'm too old to even think about taking such an action at my age. I'm hitched briefly time and not certain if I thus could have to support my significant other or then again on the off chance that my little girl can support a stage parent. I'm simply contemplating whether anybody has experienced this cycle with a comparative foundation to mine?

Much obliged.

Your answer are in Please post detailed questions. Thank you.

Of course not old. I'm 42 and my family and I plan to move to Florida from Chicago by the fall, it's like another country for us, since we've been there once before. Yes, it's scary, but why not try if there is an opportunity.
Moving from one US state to another is nothing remotely similar to what the OP is contemplating

@romaniac I reread the question, okay.. you're right1f917.svg

Hope you have already found an answer for yourself. If not - I would recommend you to do your best in order to be happy. If you feel that for being happy you have to move - find out what you should do for that and go ahead! It is never too late to enjoy your life. 
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