Délivrance Visa K1

Hi everyone
I have a question about fiancee application for usa,
I have been told that the application processing time is one year, I want to know that this time has not changed compared to covid 19 and I would like to read your similar experiences
Thank you☺️

What part of it? Petition or Green Card?
Please deliverance to save you some surprises.

Pétition, yes
Thank you for your answer

Petitions have recently taken 12-18 months. But you never know. Hang in there and keep track of your timeline on uscis.gov.

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The standard time is 12-18 months. however, some countries have more wait time than others.

Thank you

Hi where are u arrive at your process K1 visas

It's been 5 months since I submitted my file

Hi you have to wait more time with USCIS to accept your i129f petition

12 to 18 months

@mima01051989 hey how you doing

@Patrick howe hello, do you have any info on the K1 Visa ?