Women keeping busy in Brunei

One concern I have is I'm used to being a working Mom who is super busy with my job and family life. How do expat women keep busy in Brunei? Also I have a teen daughter, so how do the teens keep busy and make friends?

The kids seem to drive the social calender here in Brunei. My wife and kids are joining me in July. Seems to be a fairly well established ex-pat group as well. Staying busy will not be an issue as there are many opportunities to volunteer. good luck and keep in touch

Question for MBLinston - did you ever make it over to Brunei?  The reason I ask is that I too have a teenage daughter (plus two others) and we have been offered the opportunity to come to Brunei but my big concern is what teenagers find to do and whether they can achieve the independence they need so much, especially when I suspect there will be no walking to school etc - having to be dropped off by car etc.  If anyone is able to give me their experience with teenagers, would appreciate it.

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