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Do you know where can I find the cheapest for monthly car rent in Brunei? I decided to move to Brunei in Bandar Seri Begawan so really need a car to move around.

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Try contacting J**. I used their rental car for about 11months in 2013. Their service is good and their fleet is well maintained. a Toyota Vios cost me BND550 pm.

There are others offering car hire on long term and short term basis, but they are alot more expensive, and do not offer the same level of service.

J contact details are :


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Can you please recommend the contact/service in the Car rental in Brunei by clicking on the following link :

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As mentioned by Zaydey, car rental for a saloon car is about B$500+ and can go up to B$1500+ for a 4WD (like Toyota Fortuner).

Best to look at options of buying a car if its more for long term use - second hand cars would be ideal if the mileage is still low (you can easily find this if there are expats leaving the country).

Have you already found a hire car yet?

Hello valuedealproperty,

Do you work for a car rental agency?  :/



Hi guys! me and my wife want to Georgia, Tbilisi.. it is a great country, we loved it! we spent there a great time, but when we arrived we couldn't find a normal car rental agency, so we started to ask people, it really took hours to find a normal car rental company, but we found one, and by the way.. it was pretty cool company, offered a nice service so.. anyway if you'll be visiting Georgia or Batumi, we would recommend you to visit Naniko company, there website is i hope this helps you out guys
James Zorbegi

Hi, know it’s an old post but also looking for cheap monthly car rental in Brunei.
If you still have a contact detail it would be appreciated:)

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