Advice from any one who can help in terms of giving birth in Brunei


I am moving to Labuan in May for a work assignment and my wife is pregnant. The baby is due in September. I have been looking at the Jerudong Medical Centre as an option as I expect we will not want to have the baby on Labuan, so we will live in Brunei from August until after the birth.

Did your wife give birth at Jerudong? If so, how was the experience and the facilities? I would really appreciate any advice from you or anyone else reading this who can help in terms of giving birth in Brunei (or Labuan).

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There is 2 option:

1. Jerudong park Medical center have excellent facilities, comfortable and spacious room with sea view but a expensive and lack day to day experience. My sister gave birth here says the food is average.
2. RIPAS Government hospital facility is adequate with valuable day to day child birth experience and skills which is very important childbirth. My wife gave birth here, most Bruneian goes here.

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