Dependent Pass Holder without job from 2020

Hi all,

I came to Singapore in Feb 2020 in dependent Pass and took sometime to find a school for my kid. By April 2020, lockdown was announced and by June 2020 Singapore Gov has asked all companies to prefer only Singaporean and PRs for any job in Singapore. So, I wasn't able to find any job till date 😔. Can anyone in the financial sector help me out to find a job here?
NOTE: I have got 11 years of experience in the banking industry ( Risk Management / Quality Assurance and Training).

Sorry, but it is no longer allowed to work on DP - no LoC for this will be issued any more.

Thanks for the reply. I am aware that I cannot work with LoC. I looking for an S pass or E pass job

Then you should look for suitable employers / vacancies and apply there.
Related discussions on this forum (and elsewhere) give you lots of advice on how to search for jobs in Singapore, but nobody here can do that for you.

kameshvs wrote:

Thanks for the reply. I am aware that I cannot work with LoC. I looking for an S pass or E pass job

As a job seeker, please resort to relevant job search portals or professional networks like LinkedIn- companies that are keen on your skills and professional expertise/ experience will interview you and select you if they have relevant quotas and you possess talent that isn’t available in the local talent pool.

Honestly, posting an open comment here won’t fetch you a job. Sorry if this hurts your sentiments, but I am just encouraging you to be proactive in your job search and apply to open positions on relevant portals.

I have been applying on all job sites for more than a year and have spoken to few consultants as well. Responses what I have got so far is there are no Quota or they prefer only Singaporean/PRs or they don't want to hire foreigners. Some consultant tried to push my profile to hiring managers but they were very firm to prefer locals. Unless I get some insider information like the company is ready to accept skilled and talented foreigners, I won't be able to land in any of the job. This what I have learned in the job searching journey so far. Most of the jobs gets posted in MyCareersFuture, let's say if any job is not filled, how come I know it's still available for foreigners? Currently there are no clear cut road map for foreigners where find the job.

To make it clear, I have not posted here before making any ground work. I have tried all options for many months to find a job. Just thought if anyone in this forum can help me out. That's the reason to post here.

Thanks for sharing your background and solid efforts. Just my experience, most jobs are posted on careers sections/ LinkedIn, before being posted on the jobs bank.

I’m not from the Banking industry, will leave it for other experts to respond on insider info.

Adding to Shekhz and Beppi's replies. I know it is hard and frustrating to find a job in the current situation, where the Singapore government is tightening the loopholes and also ensuring there is a fair consideration of local candidates.

If you have the skill-set that is common and available among the locals or that locals can easily fill with a bit of training then you are out of luck.

The best option will be to learn new skills and increase your chances. Please use linkedin to make contacts and people there generally do help.

Good luck

Good pointers, @EP-APR8- thanks for calling these out. Concur with you, continuous learning and personal development to enhance one’s candidacy always help, it becomes your differentiator.

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