Teacher vacancy

I'm a mature professional Male teacher  with management experience seeking teacher vacancy in Mozambique

I'm considered elegant ,sociable and very easy to get along with.

Jey Vasdev

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Which City is best to Repatriate for Job hunting as like a well Qualified Primary School Teacher?

As like an Experienced Extra Heavy-duty Truck Driver,which City is best for Job Seekers?

hello, this is teacher Godfrey Mukama a profefensional and exprienced teacher, in mathematics, science and english. so any chance that may come across i will be appreciated.

For those seeking work please read and understand post#2

Iam Hlatywayo Madelane a holder of bachelor of Education Degree and best specialising with History and Religious Studies. Iam searching for a teaching  job.

  • I am a mature professional and qualified youngman teacher a holder of a diploma in ministry of primary  with management experience seeking teacher vacany in Mozambique . I'm considered elegant , sociable and very easy to get along with.

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