Opening up a business in Mozambique

Hi all

I just got back from holiday in Mozambique - Matola .. stayed with a local family in Matola..reason for visiting was to investigate business opportunities in the Foundation phase education sector. As a South African kindly advise what documentation do I need and is their anyone that has opened up a business in Mozzie.. what was required of you .. I need to know about documentation etc.. is their an area where expats live in Matola.. what is Rental like etc..

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Not too sure on opening a business here yet. I will probably also do next year. I live in Matola. No specific area for South Africans we live all over Maputo and surrounding areas. But there is a large sa expat community here in Matola. Its great.

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Thank you Carla for your message.. what is the preschools like in Matola .. do you perhaps know and what do they charge for school fees per month.. my research is ongoing .. anything you can post on here will be appreciated ..

how many mozambique university

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