Buying Process

A brief overview of the procedure of buying a property follows .  I hope you find it useful

The Buying Process

Step One
Once you have chosen the property and your offer has been accepted, you may pay a Reservation Deposit so as to take the property off the Market. The deposit payable can range from #€1000 or upto 10% of negotiated purchase price   This should always be accompanied by a Reservation Agreement so that it is clear what has been agreed.  This will reserve the property and take it off the market.

Step Two
During this period you will have appointed and engaged a lawyer who will will be  liaising with the sellers lawyers and collecting all necessary information and making all necessary searches

Provided no issues arise from the legal searches, your lawyer will proceed with drafting the Contract of Sale which must be approved by both sides.

Step Three
Provided no issues arise from the legal searches, we will draft a property sales contract  which must be approved by all parties in the transaction.

This will need to be stamped and registered a the Land Registry at the same time that about 20%-30% of the purchase price is paid.

Step Four
Your lawyer will submit an application to the Council of Ministers to obtain their consent for the purchase of the property.  Consent is always granted provided you do not purchase more than two residences in Cyprus.

Step Five
The final stage involves having the Title Deeds transferred in your name at the Land Registry, simultaneously with the balance payment of the Purchase Price.
During this final stage, the Title Deeds transfer fee and stamp duty will have to be paid.

Immediately thereafter, your lawyer will apply to the water and electricity authorities to transfer the utilities into your name.

Finished properties are usually purchased as seen.  Should you wish to have the property surveyed, before you proceed then you will need to appoint a Surveyor. This usually happens after you have paid your reservation deposit which you make subject to and on the basis of satisfactory survey.

Thank you toon hopefully we will be coming over August to begin our serch for our forever home if this is possible after brexit you and the group are a mindful source of information thank you for all your hard work to all who provide information to make confusion easyer to understand

You are welcome and good luck

Here you go

Toon wrote:

Here you go


It's ok Sim copied and pasted this on my other post

Toon wrote:

It's ok Sim copied and pasted this on my other post

No worries I got confused :D

I often do

I've put forward an offer for a resale and asked my agent to put offer forward "subject to Surveyor" and was told "we don't have that here"

Can someone recommend a surveyor they have used and estimated cost as there's no way I'd be ok putting forward my life savings for a property that could fall down with a nudge

Thanks in advance

Renos PITROS for sure

Used him myself as a couple of friends


Thanks !  But property is in Famagusta, so looking for someone that side