Expats setting up a micro business

I'm wanting to set up a micro business in the Cayman islands where I'm a resident expat .
I'm aware you need a  Caymanian business partner.
My question is,  can I apply for a business license for my micro business or do I need to have a company incorporated.
The company incorporated seems to very expensive for a micro business and was wondering what other options are their ?

First, what kind of business are you talking about? Second, what kind of resident are you? (Permanent or Temporary or Work Permit)

FeFee you may need to consider first where your business is going to supply its goods / services. If outside of the Cayman Islands, you may fall into a different category and may not need a trade and business licence. If you are supplying goods / services within the Cayman Islands then the regulatory requirements are strict and need to be followed.