Dog food in Costa Rica

I am Henry from Canada. I am moving to CR with my dog. For 7 years I've been using different sorts of "Taste of the Wild" dry dog food keeping her healthy and happy (as well as very smart).
Will I be able to obtain the same food in Costa Rica? If not, what is the best comparable food there?
Thank you to all who replies.

I dont live in CR but I would suggest calling the maker of "Taste of the Wild" dog food and ask them if they know of something comparable.  They make actually have something equivalent that they sell in other countries.  I know your concern.  I've had to change kibble for my dogs several times simply because I moved to other states in the US.  I even tried to order the last one on line and could not.

Thank you! I'll explore.

Make sure to buy a very well sealed rubber container for your dog food, else tiny ants will invade it, very quickly.
Also keeping it dry is important as the area you mentioned you are going to live in, tends to be very humid.

Good morning, I lived in Escazu  2019, and bought dog food at a local shop across from the park. They did carry some quality dry food and also there is la vete, kind of like a pets mart, etc here. La vete carried many more familiar brands. Also there is price mart, aka Costco here, which had a few limited quality choices.  As you likely know, you will be paying higher cost for familiar brands in Costa Rica.
I am sure you will find something that works for you.

Thank you. The closest place will be Puerto Jimenez, hope I'll be able to find something there but it looks like I'll have to feed her some human stuff (eggs, beans, rice, etc.)

              I don't have a dog but I think one member had the best recommendation about going to Pricesmart or even Walmart
Since moving up into the mountains the little bodega's and Maxi Pali  don't have much of what I like, so I do a monthly run to Pricesmart and Walmart
Picked up a cooler for me refrigerator goods and works out well

I found out anything you need and want is pretty much in Escazu, Santa Ana and Downtown Jose

Escazu is definitely the spot

Hope this helps


Hello, Henrych and welcome to Costa Rica.  I usually try to get good quality dry dog food here, but I also supplement whatever I buy with some nutritional people food.  I try to buy bonless checken legs which I share with my 10 year old mini doxie and when I have fish I save the skin and juices which he loves mixed in small amounts with the dry food.  We have a couple of chickens so hard boiled eggs are a good supplement.  My dog has maintained his weight level at around 13 pounds for the last 5 years and he has passed all his vet checks for travel.  Good luck with your furry friend.

Our veterinarian here in Grecia orders Taste of the Wild dry dog food for Guapo, our Belgian malinois. She has no trouble getting it, and I think she can get other Taste of the Wild "flavors", too.

Bear in mind that nobody said "cheap".

I've never seen Taste of the Wild at PriceSmart or AutoMercado, but if our vet can get it, so can yours.

I was using iams in the states,  since I'm outside San isidro it was difficult but the vets are in like hardware stores and i got science diet and slowly made the switch,  i figured better to adjust the kitties then stress over getting what they're used to.  It was a easy trade of

@daveandmarcia Now, I buy taste of the wild in Puerto Jimenez, which is close. 12kg bag is 87,000, so it is very expensive but at least available. This is the best dog food I've been using for years.In SJ it is cheaper.

@Henrych I know you asked years ago about buying TOW  we always bought  through the  distributor rather than a pet store or doctors office due to being much cheaper  contact Diamond Natural Dog Food, they are in Heredia  Their number is 8693-8775  they also have a website  i have been purchasing from them for over 8 years  they put it on a truck and it is delivered to us  we live 4 hours away 

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