Moving to cyprus

This is my first post.
I am hoping to move to Cyprus with my wife and daughter.
We missed the boat last year due to the travel restrictions .
Hopefully as travel opens up we will be able to get out.
Looking at the options available on the immigration site.It looks like category f might be the only option.
However it states that you cannot seek employment.
I am in my late fifties so I've got a few years before     retirement,
My daughter though is in her twenties , so will be looking to find a job.
Will this restriction apply to her ?
If anybody has had experience of this or can help in anyway it would be appreciated.

In a word yes as an adult and a non-EU national if applying under cat F.....- Immigration may ask for more funding than is indicated to be proved,  the main thing they look for is that you will not be burden on the republic. So be prepared to prove all manner of funding, savings, pensions, investments, rental income etc 

Prior to Jan 2021 many people came here as British EU nationals under what was then called "self sufficiency" but they they still eventually went on to work (both legally and illegally) but am pretty sure like many other matters here no real checks were made on  any EU nationals (Brits included)
But now we are in an unknown and untested land of red tape.

Once you are here you will probably have 90 days to a) find work   b) collate evidence of that work by way of a contract or payslips etc and must if it is the intention to stay longer apply for residency...   but you must still prove healthcare cover as the old ehic or the new GHIC will not be accepted for that.... if you manage to find and keep that work then if working legally you will pay into GESY the cyprus healthcare system,,,,, BEWARE though that private pension  income if declared in your online tax returns will be counted as income on which GESY contributions at 2.65% will be levied as well as the contributions you will make via the payslip deductions .. even if you dont work they will be levied (on the basis of your private pension income at the prevailing rate) to you irrespective of whether you can access GESY or not. Currently to gain access to GESY you must be a resident, you must be working, you must be a frontier worker with a form S1 or a state pensioner with a Form S1, or an asylum seeker / refugee.

I think these category requirements are quite hard to comply with and hope that Cyprus will see some sense in relaxing these requirements on the basis of the long standing historical relationship they have had with the UK

Source - … 0VTH8R_GI4

Migration Section

A person can apply to obtain an Immigration Permit on the basis of one of the Categories referred to in Regulation 5 of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations. An Immigration Permit will not be granted to anybody unless the Immigration Control Committee recommends to the Minister of Interior that such person belongs to one of the following Categories:

Category A: Persons who intend to work as self employed in agriculture, cattle breeding, bird breeding or fish culture in the Republic, provided that they have in their possession adequate land or a permit to acquire same, they have fully and freely at their disposal capital of approximately €430,000 (CY£250,000) and such an employment should not negatively affect the general economy of the Republic.

Category B: Persons who intend to work as self employed in mining enterprises in the Republic, provided that they have in their possession a relative permit, they have fully and freely at their disposal capital of approximately €350,000 (CY£200,000) and such an employment should not negatively affect the general economy of the Republic.

Category C: Persons who intend to work as self employed in a trade or profession in the Republic, provided that they have in their possession a relative permit, they have fully and freely at their disposal capital of approximately €260,000 (CY£150,000) and such an employment should not affect negatively the general economy of the Republic.

Category D: Persons who intend to work as self employed in a profession or science in the Republic, provided that they have academic or professional qualifications, for which there is demand in Cyprus. Possession of adequate funds is also necessary.

Category E: Persons who have been offered permanent employment in the Republic, which will not create undue local competition.

Category F: Persons who possess and have fully and freely at their disposal a secured annual income, high enough to give them a decent living in Cyprus, without having to engage in any business, trade or profession. The annual income required should be at least €9568,17 (CY£5,600) for a single applicant and moreover at least €4613,22 (CY£2,700) for every dependent person, but the Immigration Control Board may demand additional amounts as necessary. Most applicants come under this Category, the majority of them being pensioners or retired persons.

For the granting of an Immigration Permit, an application is submitted on the form M.67 to the Civil Registry and Migration Department directly or through the District Aliens and Immigration Branches of the Police. The application should be accompanied by the appropriate documents, depending on the Category for which it is submitted. Applications for Category F which are the most usual should be accompanied by the original of documents regarding the income of the applicants.
Applicants who are abroad may submit an application directly to Cyprus, as stated above, or through the local Consular Authorities of the Republic of Cyprus. The applications are examined by the Immigration Control Committee which submits a relevant suggestion to the Minister of the Interior for a decision to be taken.

An Immigration Permit will be automatically cancelled if the interested person fails to acquire residence in Cyprus within one year from the approval of the application, in case he/she is residing outside Cyprus. It will also be cancelled if he/she acquires permanent residence abroad or be absent from Cyprus for a period of two years.


The fees for the granting of an Immigration Permit amount to €500 and are paid against a receipt upon submission of the application.

Immigration Permit Required Documents / Certificates
1.Copy of valid passport
2.Copy of valid temporary residence permit (if the applicant resides in Cyprus)
3.Contract of employment (for Category E)
4.C.V (including academic qualifications)
5.Income tax returns for all years (original or true copy), if applies
6.Statement of Social Insurance Contributions for the previous year (original or true copy), if applies
7.Bank Accounts Statements (original)
8.Income declaration from sources other than employment (original documents and affidavit)
9.Title of ownership or rental agreement (original or true copy).  If the title of ownership has not been obtained yet, the applicant must submit the deed of sale and proof of payment.
10.Health Insurance Policy
11.Criminal Record Certificate (if the applicant resides abroad, official translation duly validated from his country)
12.Marriage Certificate (official translation duly validated)

13.Children's Birth Certificates (official translation duly validated)
Application form MIP1 … e/MIP1.doc

Is that 500 euros immigration fee per person? :o

Thats the way i read it  ?!&*%

Ouch - even 500 is a big uplift

It sure is from €20,.......

what i find puzzling is why such a massive uplift in the fee ........ there are thousands of Non-EU here (even before the UK left the EU) living and working and that is probably why they didnt apply for a permit....... couldnt afford the fee....

Can't say that I blame them - at least for a family.....

I completely agree.....

There is a family of Bangladeshi here that I know who have dne work for myself and a good few others, who are all illegally here  - - I have yet to see anyone else work as hard as they do. Sadly as a result of their status some people take advantage of it and dont pay them after theyve done the work... am also sad to say most of those have been local nationals.


Wow oh to free movement.
So it will cost 1500 euro to apply.
So in Category E will myself and my daughter need a job offer?
The wording of this about taking jobs away from the local community.
Seems to be open to interruptions?
So by the wordings in the categories as it currently stands means I cannot come over even if I have money behind me to look for work.

If I am reading it correctly

Yes for three people €1500

If the intention is to work then yes..... I have to say every EU member state has the option to apply that rule/legislation if they choose to. Even UK had that option when they were members.

I think you are right in terms of interpretation, it is not 100% clear. However   if you hold sufficient funding by way of savings, investments, isas, private pensions etc and healthcare cover to fulfill the basic requirements of Cat F  for all three of you  then it is still possible to get your residency

To be honest I dont know anyone who has come here under that category who has been checked to see that they are not working... thousands did and are still working  even now.

These rules are there for a reason for sure but systems & resources here are not that rigorous to achieve the levels of checks to enforce them. (NB Covid restrictions aside of course, Cyprus has done well to do what they have done in that respect)

My advice would be to contact the dept direct and ask your questions. We may have misinterpreted the text on their website

Good luck