Obtaining a job

Good Day All
My name is Almari and my fiancé works in Zambia
I will be moving to Zambia in January 2020 without a job.
That is very scary thought.
If I could obtain a job in the meantime it will enable me to move to Zambia earlier.
So, if anyone out there is willing to assist me in obtaining a job, I would really appreciate it very much
Kind Regards
Almari Bezuidenhout

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Did you manage? Let me know what qualifications you have

Good Day Viga

Nope I did not manage. It is very hard to find a job. Everybody wants you to have a work permit. But without a job offer you cannot obtain a work permit, catch 22 situation.

My link attached as on linkedin.linkedin.com/in/almari-bezuidenhout-1a80b932