Starting a cafe shop business in Montenegro

Hello Everyone!
I've always thought of having my own cafe shop business in Montenegro, I've visited the country 4 times and I absolutely loved it. I'm aware that the country heavily depends on tourism but I've also noticed that locals spend much time outside drinking coffee. I have so many unique ideas that will make the atmosphere at the place very cozy but  I am not sure if this is the best time to launch a business. I am willing to take the risk and im Wondering how much would it cost me to start such a business? I've been to many cities starting from Rozaje in the north up until Kotor. Even in the pooerer cities I've noticed that people have the tendency to spend time outside. I attend to start with something small that I built up during the years. Thank you so much for your help.

Hi There!
Great coffee is certainly something that most expats living in Montenegro love... The choice is still quite limited, and in my personal opinion would be great to have a real coffee shop... but you need to keep in mind that coffee here sells for 0.80€-1.20€ and locals are unlikely to spend more.
I'm currently working on a project including a co- working space + yoga studio with a coffee / juice bar / healthy food corner in the same building. Maybe we can have a chat so you can tell me more about your idea,
Cheers! Carine

@Abdurrahman95 Hello Abdurrahman arebyou still interested to open a coffee shop in Montenegro