New Project in RAK

It would be a great help from members who live in RAK to share their ideas to get a new outlet or stores in RAK. currently we are lacking a well and decent outlets (cafe, restaurants, decent exactive club...ect.)
since we are tying to come up with a new complex on price location, i thought it would be wise to get your feedback. you can email me also on [email protected]

Hi and welcome on board khaleduae!

I hope the members of the forum will be of some help regarding your query.

Good luck in your project.

Hi Khaled,

Personnally, I think the choice of good restaurants is already nice in RAK. Clubs are also sufficient in my opinion.

What we lack the most in RAK would be a complex that would host various shops for handicrafts where we can buy all our needs from sewing to knitting, sculpting, painting, pearling, etc. arts & Crafts shop This is only an example of what I mean as it is an online shop....

Also shops such as RC hobby store.

If you have such hobbies for the moment, there are no stores in RAK where we can find everything needed for our hobbies and we have to drive all the way down to Dubai to get our needs!

I'm pretty sure that if someone sets up such a complex with good advertising on all forums and websites of RAK, they will have a great success. I know for sure many ladies are looking forward for this!

Armand, Feeacer

thanks a lot for your replies, i shall look at your suggestions and keep checking for any new ideas that can make a great HUB for gathering people.
Since the building will be constructed at the lagoon area and facing the creek i guess we can utilize the upper levels for nice business club or a roof billiard games.

just a thought!!

I agree on FeeAcer, with addition a great Stationery and Book store...with wiiiiddeeee selections of books, papers, pens, everything.. and also anything related to kids activities...