i am new here...just wants to know about the interview in SKSH....experience based or general?

Hello den17 and welcome to

Could you please tell members what is this SKSH interview about?

Kenjee Team

Did you call for the interview? When it is?


Hey den17, may I know how/where did you apply for sksh rak because I want also to apply there. Thanks for your help. I hope your interview did well. :)

I had my skype interview with them more then 2 weeks ago.  Right after the interview, I got an email requesting to send my experience and education documents.  After that, no updates.  Should I follow with them or wait?

few days back I received the letter of Intent which states basically the figures they offer (but it is not a job offer yet).  I replied with my acceptance.  Questions for those who have received the same, what is normally the next step and how long will they communicate to me again for succeeding's not a position that requires me to have any licenses like MOH or HAAD.  It's an administrative work so I assume visa processing will be faster compared to medical positions.

can you give the e-mail id to send resume