Salary in Ras Al Khaimah

Hello, I m thinking to move to Ras Al Khaimah from Paris. got a friend in Dubai, her total salary is 21,000 AED per month, which breaks down into: basic salary, housing allowance, traveling allowance and then added up everything to get "total". so basic salary is about 12,000. I learned Ras Al Khaimah's living cost is lower than Dubai, can i expect the similar salary level in RAK for the similar position?

I wonder if the people in forum are talking about " basic salary" or the total salary?  cos most of people 's salary is less than 10k per month, are those figures basic salary or total including housing allowance? just need to clarify this for comparison reason, cos i m in the salary negotiation phase for the job interview in RAK.

Many thanks for help

The salary depends on the nature of job and nature of company. Which means, big companies can offer good salary where as small companies can't. Don't worry about the break downs since it's a common practice in payroll. But I always suggest you to negotiate with your basic salary since some companies are calculating your benefits (settlements etc) on the basis of your basic. About the package in RAK, It is not a city and the companies are not good in terms of profit. So the job opportunities are comparatively less.