Marrying someone here in Saudi

Hello guys! I just want your advice. I'm from Philippines and working here in Saudi as  domestic helper.  My cousin is working in Riyadh   and he introduced  his friend  to me from Pakistan. We didn't  meet personally and our communications  thru chat only. Then last year he asked  me to marry him but due to our schedules we can't  find time to go both  Philippines(plan our wedding there).  And he told me that we can make an arrangement  here to have wedding. I'm just wondering is it possible  to make it here, even I'm a domestic helper?  I hope someone  can answer me.  Because  I don't  want  to make a mistake  to straight  to ask to my employer.  Thank you!

Well if you both are working then your wedding is possible . If you move to his iqama then he might not eligible to keep you with him depends upon his status.

Thank you so much for the information.  God bless you!

Hey guys! Am queen from Kenya. I have some question and please I need your advise. Am almost 5 months old here in Saudi n my questions are
1 how much does a home care giver supposed to be paid in sr?
2. How long notice am I supposed to give if I want to terminate my contract of two years?
3. Who is supposed to pay for my return ticket to my country kenya?
My questions are based on the threats I have been receiving from madam boss and her sick mom whom am taking care of after the lady who was doing it went for a leave n she has not come back due to corona out break. From the here say she might not come back and mind you I came here as a house keeper but now am a home care giver.
Please advise me on this deeply

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