The importance of diplomatic representation when living in Zambia

Is your home country represented in Zambia? And if it is not, do you find this is a problem?

We have just posted online a piece about the importance of diplomatic representation in your host country while living abroad. Do let us know whether you think it is absolutely essential and share your experience about diplomacy in Zambia.

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Representation in Zambia is vital. Local Zambians in business have the nasty habit of reporting foreign business competitors to immigration for 'infringements' of work permits. Authorities will then act on this information by arresting the foreign businessman, invariably on a Friday or before a long weekend, thus ensuring you spend a few nights in jail waiting for the courts to open. If you do not have a good lawyer or Diplomatic Representation, you are in for a nasty experience.

Once courts and government offices open again the matter is resolved, but after such treatment, many foreign investors get the message that they are not welcome and pack up and leave thus playing into the hands of the local competitors.

This is just one instance of the kind of treatment you can be subjected to where Diplomatic support is essential. Once Authorities are aware you have contacted your representative, they are reluctant to pursue charges, especially where that foreign representative has been unyeilding in previous situations.

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