Non EU to Prague questions.

Hello fellow Expats

I was wondering if anyone could assist with some Q&A.

Background info: I am a non - EU passport holder married to a Czech passport holder who has never been to Czech. We were both born in South Africa, with my parents-in-law leaving Czech in '57. My wife is obviously fluent in Czech, whereas I only know Pivo, prosím.

We are looking to leave South Africa this year to give our 11 yr old son the best possible future we can, as sadly, we are no longer welcome in our country of birth.

1. Is there anything stopping my wife from being allowed to travel, live and work in Prague even if she has never lived in Prague before?
2. Is a non-EU spouse allowed to work in Prague? I would have to get a Schengen visa to enter the country and I assume I would need to apply for a working visa as well. I'm not sure if I can do this in Prague, or I have to do it from outside the country.
3. Is English only work easily available in the IT fields in Prague?
4. Is it possible to move a child to a new school in the middle of the year? It would be an English school until he became proficient in the language.

Many thanks in advance.

hi mate
in Prague, there is a lot of IT jobs with several prospering companies and with English it is a plus for you. try to apply on LinkedIn and start sending your resume.

Sent your application on for the process of getting a resident visa of being a family member of a eu citizen
good luck

Thanks for the reply Goburdhun. I'll look into that link you sent.

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