Sihanoukville (has the whole city changed recently??)

Hi, I'm going back to Sihanoukville after a long time, to visit a friend, and have heard the whole place has completely been transformed .

Does anyone have any news on what has changed, what is the atmosphere in the city now??



1. Why you post on the PP forum when it's about SHV?

2. If you would have followed the news you would know that as of 1-1-2020 online gambling is illegal.  That has sent hundred thousands of Chinese back home.
Online gambling,  even in a casino, is food for criminals,  they take people hostage until their families pay.

That is all over now.  Many casinos have closed,  others have stalled operations.

So go there and see for yourself.  And report here,  if you don't mind.


Cheers Joe, so are all the casinos empty, and the shopping malls, restaurants and pubs that the Chinese built, sounds like SHV will become a ghost town ... And what will happen to all the employees

Not all casinos are closed, still a lot are open as they also have other gambling features. Also probably 100K Chinese are living in SHV, plus still a lot of Westerners and of course the original Khmers.

New shopping mall has just opened, with Starbucks, Amazon, Nike and a lot more. Specially good for the rainy season, stay inside and enjoy.

More than 7000 Khmers lost their jobs as many casinos stopped, which proves that the casinos were hiring Khmer workers too, not only Chinese. Many came from the provinces and will go back there.

Infrastructure is in motion, new roads, sewer system,new water treatment plant, one more shopping mall, SHV will become a nice modern city, but it could take another 2 years.



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