Document Printing in Phnom Penh

Hi all. I am in need of getting a document printed from a USB flash drive. Its 2 pages and is an image file. i don't really want to ask the current hotel so would prefer to take the flash drive with the document on it to get printed here in Phnom Penh. Its difficult to find internet cafes these days and i'm not sure of the printing services houses will take documents on USB flash drives for printing. Thanks for any help!

It would be better if you told more bout ur area.

Can recommend u:
Vann Sophea Printing House
Ly Kheang Printing and Photocopy
IV Digital Printing
TN Printing

In the first two i printed images from a flash drive about 2 months ago.

Also u can ask in post offices but im not sure.

Hi. Sorry it took awhile to respond. I found a place down by Aeon Mall 1 that is handy for me I think. I am going to go tomorrow and see. If not, I will look up the places you mentioned Andy12. its not a problem getting downtown for me or to most other places. I spend most days while here wandering around the city. Thanks for the response. Will check out all the places.

I hope it works out. Good luck

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