Chinese Food "what to eat ? "

I'm an American living in Guangzhou with my Chinese wife.I really enjoy China and the culture.But I have a problem.Finding something to eat.Everything is so different.Its kind of confusing.To know what to try.That I would like and can enjoy.Is there any Chinese foods/dishes similar to American foods ? Something I might like.Maybe restaurants that offer Western and Chinese foods ? So far I have been able to really find anything.I feel frustrated and bad.That I can't seem to be able to like anything.My wife is so sweet and worried.I really want to find things we can enjoy together.

While I was there I primarily ordered chicken and cheese from Taobao and baked it in a countertop oven.  Taobao had Motzerella from Denmark for about $8/kilo and cheese stuffed frozen boneless chicken breasts for reasonable prices as well.  You can buy giant bags of Hormel pepperoni and really lame pizza crusts.  Large bags of pizza sauce are also available.  They ship the frozen stuff in styrofoam with ice packs and with the fast delivery of China it works out. 

Get an oven, should be around $60.  Bake your own western food. 

For eating out, there are KFC and fake KFCs, and of course Pizza Hut.  For Chinese food, you can try some tomato and egg soup.  Tastes like Chicken Noodle.  The little egg custard pie things are nice.  Yoghurt is good from the store, and they got some excellent juices you should try when you guys go shopping.  Jiang Jiao and Jiang Bao can be good. 

Good Luck.  I mainly cooked my own food, mac and cheese, pizzas, and chicken cordon bleu while I was there.

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