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Hi all

I am thinking about bringing my car from Canada with me when i move to Malta and would like to know how it works? i mean fees,driving it in Malta,paper work and registration
I check the government website but all about EU countries

Thanks for your help

Unless its a *very* special car it wont be worth it.

Malta registration duties are very high (google that) and you'd pay import duties too

Thanks Volcane good to know

see http://www.valuation.vehicleregistratio … hicle.aspx

Hi Noah,

Lots of information on the website but I can give you my experience.  I brought a mercedes saloon car with me from California.  I would not do this again due to the hassle involved.  Beyond all of the issues with shipping cost, taxes and duties, the car ended up being unsuitable for Maltese roads, impossible to service here and I can only get third party insurance that covers me inside Malta.  This despite the fact that you can buy the same model here.  I also bought a second small car here which I use all the time and is no problem to own.  I now only use my imported car for trips abroad to Europe and get it serviced in the Netherlands.  I would strongly recommend that you sell your Canadian car there and buy another car when you get here and have stayed 6 months so you can get a drivers license.


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