Carpooling in Malta

Hello everyone,

In order to move around in Malta, you will have to spend time on the road; for your work commute, to drop your children off at school or for everyday trips. Carpooling could be the right option for you. We would like to know your views on carpooling as a means of transport, and whether it is a practical and cost-effective option.

Is carpooling and cost-sharing common practice in Malta? What about the regulations in force?

For which types of journey does carpooling seem more suitable in Malta? How much is the cost of a carpool trip?

Is there an app or other means available to connect people looking to carpool? How do you find other carpoolers?

If you are carpooling in Malta, what precautions should you take to travel safely?

According to you, what are the advantages and disadvantages of carpooling?

Thank you for sharing your experience,

Interesting question and topic Diksha.
Unfortunately I can't write much. However our thoughts.
A colleague and I each live in Mellieha.
He rides a motorbike. I Scooter and in bad weather bus.
We work in Sliema. I work earlier and leave the company at afternoon, my colleague likes to start at 10:00 and stay until 6:30 p.m.

We had thought about sharing a car from November to February and driving to and from work together. However, the weather was so good except for 3 days of rain in December that we did not pursue this idea any further. Also he was not on Malta for 2 weeks in the rainy season of December. I will leave Malta every year in mid-January for 2-3 weeks.

For the other time it is out of question for us. To drive from Kosta to Sliema at walking pace from 6:30 a.m. is something we can also do in Germany.

I travel back and forth between Gozo and Malta, both to do things in Malta and to catch planes to different countries for work. I use buses and shuttle services usually.
It would be an enormous benefit if we had carpooling or car sharing (see BlaBlacar) to go to Mgarr, or from Cirkewwa to various points of interest in Malta,
Also beause I am against the tunnel, I think improving ANY sustainable mobility option would do good to the islands.

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