Relocating to Australia - need advice about medication!

Was just granted a Work and Holiday Visa. I am a college student from the US and am relocating to Melbourne around August for 5-6 months for holiday.

despite having gone over information from the TGA/etc, I still have NO idea what to do about bringing my medication. I am diagnosed with ADHD and Panic disorder and take Vyvanse and Clonazepam, as well as lamotrigine for bi-polar disorder.

I understand that a couple of these are controlled substances. I know, from base, that I need (obviously)

-the prescription
-medicine intact in bottle w/ name, doctor's name, etc
-note from doctor/psychiatrist/prescriber
-reasons for prescriptions
-declaration of medication
-up to 3 months of medication

The problem comes up when I see that these are controlled substances (S8 it seems?) and there are talks of import/export permits. I took a look at the permit forms, but they seem to be composed of complete jargon definitely not meant to be filled out by a consumer.

So I suppose my questions are the following:

-Will I be able to take my medication with me at all? I don't even see it as being available in Australia. This is leaving me really stressed/torn.
-What EXACTLY do I have to do travel into the country with these? Again, the forms and licenses are confusing me and I'm ending up in webpage loops.
-What do I do to ensure I have enough/proper medication throughout my stay?
-Is there ANYTHING else that should be noted? Do I take out insurance and try and find the prescriptions while I am there? I have had extremely negative experiences being prescribed and taking methylphenidate.

TL;DR - I am a US citizen and student, need to continue my ADHD regiment while abroad, and am afraid of having to either stop the medication entirely and be denied treatment, or switch to a different medication that does not work well with me at all. Please provide details, as I have already scoured for hours searching for all of this in detail :(

Thanks so much!

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make sure you fill in the declaration on the plane stating you have the medication and make sure you have a signed and certified letter from your doctor stating those meds have been prescribed to you. If I were you I would probably call the US and the AU embassy in your country first and ask them about it, australia is notorius for it's over zealous import controls on foods and substances.

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I deleted my previous post and provided the following information that you can use to confirm if you can take the medications that you require and what documentation/permits you need.

Embassy of Australia in Washington D.C. -

Text taken from : … ralia.html

Visit the website to be able to click on the links that will lead you to a new web page.
Customs and Quarantine

The Australian Customs Service manages the security and integrity of the Australian border and assists people and cargo to move in and out of the country.

For all customs information on travelling to Australia, please click here.

For information on importing goods to Australia, please click here.

For information on taking prescription drugs into Australia please contact the Therapeutic Goods Administration who administer policy and give technical advice on taking medications into Australia. Email: [email protected]. Ph: +61 2 6232 8791

If you have a specific question, please contact the Customs Information Centre at [email protected] or Ph: +61 2 6275 6666.

Other information for your reference.

Text taken from :
Did you know?
If you are taking medications, you should contact the consulates or embassies of countries to be visited well before departure to confirm that the medicines and the quantities to be carried are permitted. It might also help in your dealings with Australian and overseas authorities if you have a prescription and a doctor's letter explaining your medical condition and the medications, prescription and otherwise, that you are taking for it.

Caution - Taking prescription medicine subsidised under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) overseas that are not for your personal use or for the use of someone travelling with you, is illegal. A $5000 fine and/or a two-year jail sentence is the penalty for dealing with PBS medicine in a way other than which it was meant. For more information, phone Medicare Australia's Travelling with PBS medicine inquiry line: 1800 500 147, or visit

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