Dentistry in Brazil - experiences and suggestions

I would like to hear about dental experiences in Brazil  Following malpractice I have to redo most of the work received and a couple of veneers to.
I would like to hear your experience and exchange info.
Thank you

What city and why like your own post?

Not thinking about any specific city, open to hear different experiences about the Brazilian dentistry.
I am interested in the opinion of the expats regardless the location.
Why shouldn’t I like my first post?


Had an implant $R900

Texanbrazil :

Had an implant $R900

That´s cheap. R$3,000 each implant in Rio Grande do Sul.

Was the procedure and recovery process very slow and painful/uncomfortable?

No. Just had the gap for 3 weeks or so to let the extraction and all heal. Then came and inserted tooth. Really no issue. Now it was jut one tooth.

Texanbrazil :

No. Just had the gap for 3 weeks or so to let the extraction and all heal. Then came and inserted tooth. Really no issue. Now it was jut one tooth.

There are people who would like tooth implants on both sides. I wonder how many days before they can even chew. One side only would be ok coz you can switch chewing on the unaffected side.

For a week I was chewing on one side. After the stiches healed I was able to chew softer foods on the implant side. I did not ask as to "what if" on both sides. Probably just hops, malt and barley for a week or so! :joking:

I was wondering about the quality of work and aesthetics

In my smallish city (300,000) I would guess there are dentists on every corner in downtown area. I only used dentista geral and ortodontista. Both were equip with complete and newer equipment. Ortho was high end clinic and on time and no issues. Did not need much aesthetics for extraction and insertion of implant require none.

Malt - Barley juice with yeast and hops. Heineken, Antarctica Original or Stella Artois?My arsenal is full of that.

Mine also, but Sabado may need more.

Texanbrazil :

Mine also, but Sabado may need more.

Especially if it extends to " :sleep Dormingo"

I recently had a Bridge Recemented (is that a word) deep cleaning , a polish (Cuban Cigars and Coffee) and a 4th visit for only  the Higher Powers know what for......

All for R900.00.=4 visits...

So far Happy with the was a Chain Clinic and very clean and Professional,  the have about 35 offices in Bahia...

I am feeling Root Canal on the Bridge???

As of now the deep cleaning is making a Bruther crave Cerveja and

I had a Root Canal and it included the Cap for R800.00 and it's fine( Belements ,Para).....

Overall satisfied with the work, thank god no Braces which seems to be the Fashion Trend , everybody and there mother have them , wishing for a gigantic

if one takes the current usd vs real rate and do the math the work at the Factory Clinic would be the same as a appointment with a Dentist in the USA. ...

I equate my Experience to a Triple Word,cheap,cheap....

And yes the Dentist offices here are like liquor store and churches in Alaska ....

One on Every story.

Why does the Dentist wait for the patient to gag....interesting. .....lmbo

I hate to see drills being put in my mouth. I had 2 or 3 fillings when I was younger but that´s it. Everything is intact.

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