About the prices of giving birth in Brazil

Hello everybody,
Well , I'll say what I want to say directly. Actually I'm really shocked  :o
I'm pregnant and coming to Brazil in September due to my husband's work and my due date in November. I contacted some well known hospitals like Albert Einstein and Sao Luiz hospital to ask about their prices for c-section, they said it's about 18000$R and 14000$R
(((NOT INCLUDING THE Doctors Obstetrician, anesthesia and the whole team))) !!!!!
Are they serious??? Is this the system in all hospitals in Brazil??
But How come and what is this 18000$R for😵
I'm not looking for a room to stay in for 3 days to get food and diapers etc with 18000$R .
The child birth is the most important thing and must be at the beginning of their list .
In my country the price whic is less than that, includes each and every single detail and the first and the most important thing is the doctor and all his team !! How would the child birth happen without them ? Actually this is too crazy and too expensive and made me too frustrated!
BTW They said the doctors may take from 15000$R to 50,000$R 😭😭

I want to ask those who had the experience of giving birth in Sao Paulo or even Rio , where did you give birth? and how much did you pay? I need your suggestions and help, I'm really in a big trouble. We can't pay this crazy amount of money for the hospital.
I hope to find another option which is clean , safe and caring with a reasonable price ( INCLUDING THE DOCTORS of course :D )
Thank you for your help in advance

Keep calm , there isn't a easy way in Brazil .  The doctors in this country are very expensive .

Thank you for your response. I know I was very shocked and angry :( but as you said I have to keep calm in order to deal with this bad situation.

As I heard and read that all public hospital in Brazil are free of cost. I didn't found any clue that public hospital charging for birth. In case of private hospital are very expensive.
I also looking information regarding healthcare in Brazil.


While the public hospital itself may be free, that does not necessarily mean that the OB/GYN and other specialists on the team will also be free. There is still a chance that you may end up paying for their services, which can be quite high. You really will need to check with the specific hospital where the birth will take place and ask them which expenses are covered by SUS - Sistema Única da Saúde and which you must pay for yourself.

James   Expat-blog Experts Team

Well I am always surprised by people moving here and being surprised by health/medecine services! Is it because people generally live in place where health is "free" because they actually paying a lot of taxes for it like in some place in Europe. Or because, they pay for a private heaffy health insurance and it seems to be "free" when actually going to hospital ?
R$18 000 is arround US$5 000. Is it that expensive for a birth in a private hospital ? 3 days at the hospital in a private room? . Should it be 3 times this price in USA ?
I am sure in USA the cost is much much higher.  Doesn't cost more than US$1000 to have just a dental implant in US?

Dose any have an idea that how much cost of C-section in florianopolis public hospitals and which is good quality hospital in florianopolis?
Also can explain the procedure to admit in that hospital?

Thank you for your comment. Well , I'm not from the US and this comparison does not help me.
Maybe you did not read all my topic, I said it costs 18000$R WITHOUT / not including the obstetrican and the whole team.
In my country, I don't pay for any insurance at all and we don't have taxes as well. It will cost me less than 18000$R  including everything (the room and all its services for three days, the doctors, food etc.. in a very good private hospital.
I wrote
(( BTW They said the doctors may take from 15000$R to 50,000$R 😭😭 ))
Do you find this reasonable? Actually I don't.
This is the point that I'm talking about here.

Hello Nasir, yes I heared that public hospitals are free and so on, but we have to keep in mind  as Mr. James said that the Ob/Gyn and the team are excluded and you have to talk to them and know their prices seperately.


I don't know if you figured out your situation yet, but I'm pregnant and living in Florianopolis too and I'm from Brazil. I'm coming from the U.S. and I'll give birth here. I see that you live in florianopolis now and I'd recommend you to have your baby here and do not worry about going to São Paulo do to so because although they have better infrastructure there, here in Florianopolis you'll be just fine and its gonna be cheaper.
The reason why the doctors charge for labour even if you have health insurance is because the health insurance companies only pay them for the procedure and not actually their time. Ok it sounds confusing, but you don't have to actually use the doctor that you have been doing your prenatal care with, you can deliver with the doctor on call in the hospital on the day. That is covered by the health insurance and you don't have to pay anything, just your copay if you have any. The anesthesiologist and nurses are also covered by the health insurance. I'm only paying my doctor to be there with me and the reason why is that because I want him to be there and not the doctor on call. You pay him and he will be there with you the whole time, in the room with you and will only leave after baby is here and you are ok, then he'll come back the next days until you leave the hospital. The amount that I'm paying is not even close to 50,000 and it doesn't matter if it's gonna be c-section or vaginal birth and he still break that amount in payments, but that's because I chose to. Honestly I prefer like that, because in the US I was gonna have the baby with the doctor on call, not necessarily the doctor that saw me during my prenatal care and I know for a fact that the nurses would be taking care of me during the whole process while the doctor would only show up to "catch" the baby. I'm not comparing the American hospitals to the Brazilian ones (specially in Florianopolis) but at least in that sense I prefer here in Brazil that I know the doctor will be sitting there in the room with me the whole time.
If you can't afford or don't have health insurance I know a couple that lives here in Florianopolis from Pakistan that had their baby at the public hospital, didn't pay a dime for doctors and they were very satisfied with the service. The doctors spoke in English with them and they were treated very well. I know that if you don't have insurance at all and want to deliver in a private hospital you need to pay for the accommodation and all the doctors/nurses involved in the procedure.
Please let me know if you need any help, I just moved back to Brazil and Florianopolis so I do feel like a expat myself.

Thank you so much for caring and your useful reply. Actually, you are right , I moved to Florianopolis and looked for hospitals which I read about previously in the internet. I decided to give birth in Ilha hospital. I found it good, clean and the prices are affordable. I recommend any pregnant expat who wants a good private hospital to go there and discover the hospital and ask them whatever she wants to know. The staff is very helpful too. I'll put here the prices according to their recent plano maternidade in order to help other pregnant women who are encountering the same confusion I've been through  :(
C-section (regular apartment) 7.670$R during the week and 9.416$R for the weekend
(Suite) which is bigger , 8.330$R and 10.175$R for weekend
(Suite master) which is bigger and contains a balcony, 10.160$R and 12.443$R for weekend
Hope this helps others and thank you again for your reply   :cheers:

Good to here information.
Thanks and I will be there in Feb2016. I wish if i can find some help volunteer.
Thanks again

Hello brother Nasir,
Thank you for following and I'm sorry , unfortunately We will come back to our country in December . Hope you will find some people who can help you here. And if you have any question you can send me a message and I'll try to help as much as I can, though we are still new here but we got some experience. Wish you a goodluck.

Albert Einstein is one of the most expensive hospitals in the country (the other is Sirio Libanes). Are your options only Rio ou São Paulo, or would you be able to go to a smaller city? My father is an anethesist in Londrina (Paraná, South Region. It's a medium sized city of 500k inhabitants) and a C-section here would never be over 8k,

LiluB :

Albert Einstein is one of the most expensive hospitals in the country (the other is Sirio Libanes). Are your options only Rio ou São Paulo, or would you be able to go to a smaller city? My father is an anethesist in Londrina (Paraná, South Region. It's a medium sized city of 500k inhabitants) and a C-section here would never be over 8k,

Thank you so much for your reply and caring. I mentioned earlier here in the topic that I moved to Florianopolis and find a hospital and a good doctor finally  :) and I put the details too for others who are maybe looking for the same information.
Thank you so much again , I appreciate your cooperation  :heart:

Yes, floripa is one of the best places to be in Brazil . We had a baby here too and are settled here . In summers floripa fills up with tourists and if you are coming here in season best to prepare beforehand . Everything is more expensive and everyone is on the lookout to loot tourists. Best to have a local to help you out. But in the end it's all worth it !


How you doing ?

I need your experience please are you ready to help me ??? I have lots of questions to ask not only of the hospital. Also, I would like to know more about staying there and other questions.

Waiting your kind reply to ask my questions :)


bebo1985 :


How you doing ?

I need your experience please are you ready to help me ??? I have lots of questions to ask not only of the hospital. Also, I would like to know more about staying there and other questions.

Waiting your kind reply to ask my questions :)


Hello bebo1985 and welcome to Expat.com

Kindly note that this thread has been inactive since last year.

I invite you to read articles from our Living in Brazil guide as well as browse the Brazil forum to gather some infos.

Also, ask for specific questions so that members can best advise. :top:


Hi bebo

Which part of Brazil are you planning on coming to?  Also when are you due for delivery?



in Egypt in a private hospital, giving birth would cost  around USD$ 300


I miss you so very much!!!!   It is so nice just to go back and read your comments.

Your friend,

Can I know the total cost of the cesarean delivery at florianopolis without insurance?

Please refer to my answer above (the 10 reply in this topic) I mentioned everything in detail about Ilha hospital which I gave birth in  . Goodluck :cheers:

Hi, I am planning to have birth in florianopolis next summer and I heard a lot about Ilha hospital. Do you find it well equipped. I had complications before and needed blood transfer with an O- difficult to find in my home country so this is a concern for me. Also do they do natural and C-section. Thanks a lot for your feedback in advance. Can I also get a good doctor name I am a complete stranger at the moment and need your assistance if posisble.


I want to ask if such hospital provide NORMAL DELIVERY and an idea about the cost?

Thank you.

Unfortunately in Brazil there is a natural trend for women going for c sections. However , there are ways that you can convince your doctor to try for a natural birth. Mostly women here PREFER a c section.The prices vary from hospital to doctor etc.

Thank you for this information, but how can I convice the doctor?  Alternatively,  is there any known doctor or hospital who prefer normal deliverys?

Salam Brother,

i am Rizwan from Pakistan but i am living in Santa Ctarina state of Brazil since 2 years.i want to move in Florinapolis for settlement.i Now a days i am in Pakistan but i will be back in Brazil next month.i read about you that you are living in Floripa.Can you help me in this matter?if you never mind give me your whats app number.

Please also tell me about you that you are living there alone or with your family?what kind of job you have there.Plese reply in details.i will wait for your positve feed back,



WHich city in Santa catarina do you live in Rizwan?

In terms of natural births - you can have a natural birth for free at the public hospital in Floripa, the standards are good, although there is no pain relief available unfortunately. Caesarians are given in cases of medical necessity.

There are home birth options too, and these will cost you about US$2500, sometimes cheaper. The team are experienced midwives who work at the local hospitals, they bring an inflatable pool to your home and fill it with warm water and you deliver there. If there are complications, you are taken to the public hospital, so that no further charges are required.

The private hospitals are excellent, in particular Hospital Ilha and Clinica Santa Helena. You are basically looking at about US$3100 upwards to give birth naturally at these hospitals. New legislation brought into effect in Brazil in 2015 means that hospitals are obliged to deliver babies naturally, unless there is a medical need. You can choose to have a caesarian if you wish, but doctors are now required by law to inform you of the risks involved. Rates of caesarians are dropping in Brazil as a result of this legislation. ***

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Hi MrsW
I would like to ask further in regards to.the same topic.
Is there anyway we can communicate further,as my husband wants us to have 2nd baby in Brazil. Though we will go there just for giving birth.
Thahx in advance

Hello MrsW,

i found your reply super helpful as I am thinking of moving to Brazil and specifically Florianopolis to give birth. I wanted to hear more about your friends experience with the public hospital and if it was free or if they paid anything at all. How was the quality of  the hospital and help? Was it a natural birth or C-section? is their a difference? what kind of insurance do I need ?
Did she have any problems with the fact that they don't allow any pain medication during the birth? I'm asking a lot of questions but i basically want to know all and any details you can give me or if I can contact your friend directly.

I apologize for all the questions and looking forward to hearing from you soon. I am planning on moving to Brazil early May 2018

Do you have any more information on public hospital births in Floripa that you can share with us?

i brazil the Govt hopital treatment are free and very thankful treatment.

Hello Adanan,

have you had firsthand experience with this or know someone who has?

Hello.. please I would like to ask about how much time do i need to collect the passport  from delivery day because some people saying that i need around 6 months to finish all and get the passport and for me i don t have all this time because i will be in brazil with my wife for a short time and also if you don't mind could you tell me about the prices of the hospitals including everything please regards

Our son was born last Saturday at a private hospital. We paid R$ 3970 total. Included everything (2 days stay) and no extra costs. This was in Fortaleza at Hospital Eugenia Pinheiro.

Also, price was same for normal or C-SECTION. And, it is upto the patient to decide whether they want normal or C-SECTION.

Thank ypu so much for the information bro you have been very helpful i have dome of questions if you do not mind for me i have no idea about the passport process and how much time it takes and also I'm not living in brazil so could you tell me how much i have to expect the rate of renting near to the hospital and how much time do i need to get my son's passport on my hand please waiting for your help thank you again .

I have no idea about the passport. I do know that you can register the birth in 15 days and get a birth certificate. Based on that, you can apply for a passport. You would have to look into that.

Rent near the hospital will not be too much.

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