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Hello all,
Marjan's here. I am considering a job offer in Gurgaon. I will be working as a section manager in an international school in sector 53. The problem is that the more I browse the internet to gather data, the less assured I become about moving to Gurgaon. I am not a person who relies on social media and the internet but there is tons of data about the difficult life for expats in Gurugram. Please help me.

HI Marjan Kasraei Welcome to Expat blog India  :)

Hello, Marjan.

Have you lived in India at all in the past? If so, which city?

I've been lucky so far and have found a good (but small) group of foreigners and progressive Indians that have lived abroad for years.

Depending on where you are coming from, Gurgaon can either be paradise or a struggle. Think about what kind of amenities you absolutely need in your life, and what things you'd LIKE to have but could live without. Then ask around to see if your necessities and wants are available.

If you'd like to ask more direct questions or for personal advice from another foreign woman, feel free to PM me :)


I enjoyed my two years in Gurgaon with moments of frustration, yes. Once you meet other expats you share the highs and lows. Make sure your salary covers your accommodation and daily bills. Enjoy!

Hello, I am a retired professional from corporate living in Sector 50 Gurgaon (close to Sector 53)..
Gurgaon is a cool place and a friendly neighborhood is always present in housing societies which are again safe and with all facilities.
My wife is an academic head in a leading school in Gurgaon and the teaching line/education field is again very active.
If you have any specific doubts i will be glad to help

Hari Prakash Karcherla

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Hi & welcome to Gurgaon when you do :)

Although the first reply to your post is balanced & she could I am sure give you almost all your answers, still I realise now after meeting many (numerous) Iranians especially from Tehran who stayed at my place in last 3 years that the Iranian culture is very similar to North Indian culture when compared to western or European countries.  Based on my interactions with Tehran people, If talking about Culturally becoming westernized...... well,  Tehran today is where Delhi- Gurgaon was in mid nineties (or slightly before that)  so I decided to pitch in with my (this) post. 

So.. in above para you have your first insight into Gurgaon-Delhi metropolis. 
Secondly, you will like Gurgaon judging from reactions of ALL the people from Iran I took there for lunch/dinner/drinks (also a kind of drive throughs & with them meeting my friends in their homes in Gurgaon). But living is a different ball game in any city. So..  if and only if you have sufficient money as per ANY city for accommodation & expenses- that decides what would be a living experience there.  If that is taken care of, you will love your stay in Gurgaon. It's a modern city with open minded modern people and loads & loads of foreigners living and working there.

You will enjoy your stay here.

Wish you a happy stay in Gurgaon  !

All the best !'


Do write to me on *** whatever help you need will be arranged.


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I think Now Gurgaon has become one of the best cities in India where people want to live, Connectivity either through Road or Rail is good. The lifestyle is also very good in Gurgaon. You must take this opportunity.

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