Just for fun: Food culture in Jordan

Hello everyone,

We all know Jordanian food tastes great. Do you consider yourself a foodie? Share with us your unique food experience as an expat.

1. Name 3 best well-known Jordanian street foods according to you.
2. Which are some unusual dishes that you have discovered ?
3. What makes up the typical breakfast in Jordan?
4. Name 3 of your favourite festive dishes.
5. According to you, which essential ingredient defines Jordanian cuisine?

Thanks for participating,

Street food is not a big thing in Jordan so I had a difficult time to think of what can be considered as street food:
Tormos (lupine beans), sesam bread with cooked eggs, deep-fried potato chip on a stick.

Unusual food for me that I recently discovered is for example makmoura, a layered chicken dish from the north, I still have a difficulty with a sheep head on top of a plate mansef.

Typical for a breakfast is mashed favo beans with tomatoes and chili's, spiced and topped off with olive oil, hummus, falafel, eggs in any form etc. Best part is it's served in several bowls so you can eat whatever you like.

My three favourite festive dishes are: kepseh, Arabic mezze like kubbe (stuffed and deep-fried burgul in a egg shape) and zarb (traditional Bedouin underground BBQ).

Essentials for Arabic food are: pomegranate molasses, almonds and pine nuts, cumin, rose/orange blossom water and olive oil.
One more well-known dish of Jordanian food street I need to add is 'Hummus'. You can easily find it in hotel breakfasts and with mezze-style dining.
- @woolum258

Street food is considered food offered by mobile stalls/charts on the streets.
Therefore you can not consider hummus as street food ☺️
There's not a such street food culture in Jordan.