Life Insurance providers

I'll be moving to the Damman area in the next two weeks, and am curious if there are life insurance companies that do business in Saudi Arabia. I can't seem to find them via a Google search.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Scott,
Hope you arrive safely in Dammam.
Life Insurance is not common here. Back in 2008, an agent from bank approached me  for life insurance policy. That was long back i forgot the name of the bank. That was the only time i heard of life insurance here. There are medical insurance companies here but they dont provide service of life insurance. That is why you didnt find much information on google. Hope someone in this forum can add to our information.


Thank you.

Hi and welcome to Saudi Arabia, I hope you have a wonderful journey in Saudi. Unfortunately we don’t have life insurance in Saudi Arabia.

You CAN get life insurance as a Saudi resident.  This is through multinational companies which cover you irrespective of where you live.  Google Friends Provident and Zurich.  Then find a broker to help set it up for you.


Thank you for the welcome, Mohammad

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