Places with cold water?


We are looking for accommodations to stay in Dubai. We wish to know is there any place where there would be cold tap water? We've looked at many places but we dont seem to find any... Thanks.

That is like going to Iceland or some other place below 0°C and looking for hot water from the tap ..water will reflect the temperature of the environment unless heated or cooled

I don't think you will find a place in Dubai especially in this summer time

We are currently at Pullman hotel JLT and we thought there might be similar buildings/places like here with cooler water instead haha. We asked so many hosts and there're like "Yes, there is" which i believe aint true at all.. their definition of cold water = warm/hot haha so misleading...

Generally speaking, you will probably only find these in large hotels where they have internal cooling systems.   For most places, whatever is in the tank, is pumped out to the tap for cold water - which is blazing hot in the summers :).

There is a trick that you can use if you are in your own accommodation.   Turn off the water heater switch in the summers.  Then after sometime, when you move the tap to the hot side, the water that comes out is actually colder than the cool side of the tap!.  Because it is stored in the water heater which is inside and not exposed to the heat outside which gives it a chance to become more mild temperature wise.

Yes I heard about that trick too might try it... Thanks XTang  :)
There was a guy who told me their house has cold water and it still remains cold after awhile (Location is in Dubai Sports City) i wonder how true is that haha.  :unsure Anyone lived in Dubai Sports City or had any experience in that area? :)

jlt where the towers the pools there with cool water not chill but good enough

I've also heard from some people that they say high-rise buildings (Maybe Lv 15 and above...) tend to have cold water haha.

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