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Hi friends,

I am from New Delhi, India. I have cleared an interview for the position of Solution Architect in a telecom company in Copenhagen. I shall be receiving the offer next week. So, I would like to know about the salary & the cost of living in Copenhagen before I start to consider the offer. Below are my details:

1. Industry Experience: Telecom/ IT/ Cloud
2. Number of years of experience: 19 years
3. Current position held: Solution Architect (Telecom/ Cloud)

Based on above, how much salary is expected in Copenhagen?

For cost of living estimate, below are the details:

1. No, of family members: 3 (myself, spouse, 1 child)
2. Accommodation: 2 room apartment
3. Age of child: 8 years
4. Proposed school: Copenhagen International School

Based on above, what should be the approximate cost of living considering a modest living?

Finally, what percentage of the salary shall go into tax?

I shall be grateful if you can provide above 3 details (salary, cost of living & tax) so that I can consider/negotiate my offer for the job in Copenhagen.

Thanks & Regards,
Sujoy Chatterjee

Hi Sujoy,

Let's start with the salary. I have found three links which may help you to find out what the right level will be. … torebaelt/  (Prosa is a union for IT-people of every kind) … -Architect  (CA is a union for academic professionals) … er?lang=en (a site for job search and job offers)

Accommodation: Count with 12,000 kroner plus utliities 2,400 kroner. You may find it cheaper, but this is a cautious estimate to avoid unpleasant surprises. It also depends on  the distance to downtown Copenhagen.

Household: 4-5,000 kroner.

Copenhagen Internation School: … Mkuz_/view
Europaskolen: (No fees)

Living in Copenhagen municipality, spouse doesn't work, income 750,000 kroner = tax 291.854,28 kroner.

Do also take a look at my former answers regarding tax, housing etc. You find an overview of the topis on the front page of the forum if you scroll down. Under All categories.

I guess that the company will offer you help regarding finding a suitable accommodation. If not, do ask for it.


Hi Nellie,

Thanks a lot for your answers. I shall check out the details.


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