What should be my salary?

In my preparation to apply for jobs in Denmark, I'm gathering information about the job market.

My take home salary now in Sydney converted to DKK is 39,350 a month. If I want to take home at least the same amount in Denmark what is the salary that I should be looking at? I'm married and my wife won't be working for a while initially after we move there.

I also get a 10% bonus and a 9.5% contribution from my employer towards superannuation (pension fund). Is it common in Denmark to negotiate annual bonus and pension fund contributions with the employer?

Settled in Gladsaxe municipality, wife doesn't work, income 2018 is 840,000 kroner = tax 344,000 kroner.

Above example is based on the normal taxation, but highly paid expats will also be entitled to a special taxation (lower percent of the brut income). Whether that will be more advantegeous for you, will be an issue which we can take a look at later.

I cannot tell you whether it has become common to negotiate a yearly bonus in general within your field whatever it might be.  Actually, bonusses aren't within reach at all for quite a lot of the workcraft, but expats are always highly specialised and therefore very appreciated, and this may influent on the 'whole package' offered.

The employer's contribution to the pension scheme will be 2/3 of the amount, and the employee will have to pay the last 1/3. A distribution of 8/4 % or 10/5 % is normal.

Maybe some expats on the forum can elaborate your answer regarding the bonus and pension scheme based on their personal circumstances. It would be good to get some insider knowledge of this often closed and secret area.


Thanks, Nellie!

I understand that there are five different taxes that I'll be paying if I'm earning salary in Denmark -

Health Contributions
State Tax
Muncipal Tax
Labour Market Contributions
Church Tax

Out of the five taxes, I won't be required to pay the Church Tax I believe as I'm not a Christian. Does your calculation include the other four taxes?


Exactly. I always exclude church tax when calculating the tax for expats.

All the others are automatically calculated when you enter the income in the calculator.


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