Pensioner retiring to Denmark need to understand tax

My pension is from the USA. I have looked through the US/Denmark tax treaty and see that it should be taxable only in the USA. The same applies to my US Social Security benefit, I believe.

Assuming I have that bit correct, does the tax treaty only apply to national income taxes? There would also be a municipal tax on top of income tax, normally. Does the tax treaty apply to municipal taxes? If not, can municipal taxes paid in Denmark be taken off US taxes as foreign tax credits?

Sorry, I know this is a bit more complicated than the usual post, but I can't seem to find the answers online anywhere and thought I'd check to see if anyone here could point me to a resource to read about this info, or let me know what office in Denmark I should contact to inquire?

The first step is to find out whether you have the right to settle in Denmark as a pensioner. If you haven't examined that issue, do take a look at nyidanmark.

If you find you meet the requirements, then the next step will be to contact SKAT. … ;x=2186677 …


Hi. Thanks. Yes, I am an EU citizen (sorry, forgot to add that bit) and self-supporting, and that should do it for entry/residency.  I will write to SKAT, as I don't think I'll get an answer in a post.  Thanks for the contact info.

Any chance, though, that you might know the answer to the following?  To be considered "self-sufficient" in Denmark, one needs to have at one's disposal the sum of the benefits to which you would be entitled pursuant to Section 25, sub-section 12, and Section 34 of the Active Social Policy Act.  Any idea (ballpark) what that income level might be?


It might be little bit higher than the latest subsistence minimum calculation in Denmark. How much is that you might be able to find out some where here  or Nellie will help you out.

Cheers! … anthjaelp/
Section 25, sub-section 12: 11,423 kroner
Section 34: 3,050 kroner

I could imagine that you'll have to add the two amounts to meet the income requirements, but my imagination is nothing worth if the authority has another view on the matter. Therefore, I'll adviseyou to put your question to the administrating authority and get a correct and valid answer.


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