Moving from Dubai - Trying to find a reliable cargo service

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a reliable and economical international shipping service as am moving back to India.

These past days, I came across quite a few companies but most of them have terrible reviews on the services provided.

I am quite worried on the part that firms tend to mishandle package causing breakage as most of the items in the shipment will be fragile like kitchenware. Secondary, delay in delivery.

Can someone suggest me a decent company that they have dealt with and were happy with the services offered?

My priority is safety (no - less breakage) and time efficiency, I won’t mind choosing air freights over ships. Lastly, for it to be economical.

Many thanks in advance 😊

Hi Nitesh_U,

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You will find a couple recommendations made by members in the directory : Moving services in India.

Feel free to contact the recommended ones to  enquire.

Furthermore, try creating a topic on the India forum, if any member has already made the move back, he/she might provide you some insights :

all the best,

Hi Bhavna,

Many thanks for your reply!!

Means a lot. With so much to do and so less time. My state is almost of a headless chicken 😅

Just coz u helped me out on this query.. I have another small bit of question ☺️ To ask

Is the forum right place to sell out electronics and all?? To be precise I have a PS with loads of games that am looking for to sell.

Do you think here or I access the classified and post an ad? Whichever works effective.

Thanks in advance

Fellow expat

No worries Nitesh, hopefully everything will go on smoothly  :)

The Dubai classifieds would be the appropriate section. Once you post your advert, the team will review the ad to see if the advert provides enough details then will approve it. Once it is approved, members will see the advert in their timeline and we will also be able to send your advert  to members in the weekly newsletter   :cheers:

Awesome 🙌🏼

Many thanks for your support ☺️😊

What are the things ur planning to send in cargo?

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